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New Emergency Alert Service Connects Transportation Agencies with Drivers

HELP establishes two-way communications to receive and share real-time travel information

Detroit, MI – June 6, 2018 – Today, INRIX, the world leader in connected car services and transportation analytics, and Information Logistics (ILog) announced a new emergency alert service for transportation agencies to assist with detecting and managing large-scale highway emergencies. Highway Emergency Link Platform (HELP) is a turnkey service that enables agency officials to lead two-way communications with drivers when traditional communications channels won’t work.

Built on ILog’s award-winning incident response and information system, HELP enables transportation agencies to gain situational awareness of roadway emergencies, communicate vital information to drivers and incident response teams and manage traffic flow. HELP is the only wireless emergency alerting service that establishes two-way communications between transportation agencies and drivers – allowing each to receive and share real-time information. Urgent safety information and updates can be sent by text messages and automated phone calls with no app required.

“This two-way communication service paints a more accurate picture of the situation for both the traveler and for the agency,” said Mary Farrell, president of Information Logistics. “HELP aids with planning and executing a better incident response.”

HELP uses INRIX services for a real-time view of the roadway, including incidents, dangerous slowdowns and weather-related road conditions. The emergency service also captures first-hand information from affected drivers and has the ability to automatically generate post-event analysis.

“HELP provides a new and innovative solution to detect and manage roadway no matter where you are,” said Rick Schuman, vice president – public sector, INRIX. “It is the first nation-wide service targeting travelers who are being impacted by or who are approaching a large-scale emergency.”

The Highway Emergency Link Platform is a cloud-based service that requires minimal staff interaction. Transportation officials simply enter an event number, title and a brief description, then draw an outline of the impacted area and the system will automatically create a custom website, interactive voice response system and text messaging system. Drivers in the area are notified to access HELP through a wireless emergency alert.

HELP leverages a proven ILog service called 511PA Connect, which has been used by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency since December 2016. HELP has also been tested and approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency for integration with its Integrated Public Alerts & Warning System.

To learn more about the Highway Emergency Link Platform, register for the webinar on Wednesday, June 27 at 1:30pm EDT.


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