Report: The Impact of COVID-19 on
Truck Movement in Europe

New Research Examines How COVID-19 Impacted Freight Movement in Europe

We examined vehicle miles traveled (VMT) to understand what happened to freight movement and passenger trips as a result of COVID-19 in Europe.

Using INRIX Trip Analytics and INRIX Trip Trends, we examined heavy goods vehicle (HGV), local fleet and passenger vehicle movement trends to understand how the efforts to halt COVID-19 has impacted the movement of goods, and general travel.

This study found that the various responses to COVID-19 resulted in a wide range of impacts to the road network – with some countries experiencing significant drops in local fleet delivery and others seeing larger HGV volatility.

What You’ll Learn:
      • • Widespread effect stay at home policies had on HGV commutes, miles traveled, passenger travel in Europe.
    • • Impact of COVID-19 on country-level freight and passenger VMT in Europe.
  • • How VMT can be used to understand transportation trends and economic activity.



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