Get Access To Billions of Anonymized Daily Trips To Monitor Travel Trends Nationwide

Fill out the order form to access to our newly released INRIX Trip Trends dashboard to get detailed insights of what’s happening on our roadways.

We’re making our high quality location-based insights available in an easy to use format to help cities, road authorities and businesses quickly understand what is happening on the world’s roadways. Leveraging INRIX Trips, we’re able to generate relevant summary-level information about traffic demand serve as a proxy for overall road usage trends at national, state and local levels.

What You’ll Get:

  • Powerful insights on travel trends based on billions of anonymized daily trips
  • Details broken down by trip type which includes: Passenger Vehicle Trips, Long Haul Freight Trips, and Local Fleet Trips.
  • Metadata used is total trip distance of all INRIX Trips originating in the country/state/region each day
  • 10+ pre-built reports to easily visualize what’s happening on a national, state, and local level)
  • Ability to export data to use on your data visualization tools of choice

Example Report:

Get started in 3 Easy Steps:

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Select the State and/or Metro Area you’re interested in and give us some details about your organization and how you plan to use this information.

2)  Check Your Email For A Private Link To Our Cloud-Based Dashboard
Once we process your request and compile your customized dashboard, we’ll send you a link to access it along with an invoice.

3)  Get Insights About What’s Happening on Our Roadways
Use the pre-built reports or export the data for use on other data visualization tools to dig into the details.

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