Get Access To 100+ Million Anonymized Daily Trips To Monitor Travel Trends Nationwide

We’re making our high quality location-based insights available in an easy to use format to help cities, road authorities and businesses quickly understand what is happening on the world’s roadways.

Our incoming data sources – providing anonymous speed/location reporting in real-time – generate hundreds of millions of trips per day in the US and Europe across consumers, local fleets, and long-haul trucks. This data allows INRIX to create a myriad of real-time and near real-time services, including a unique and timely window into the nation’s roadways.
Leveraging INRIX Trips, we’re able to generate relevant summary-level information about traffic demand. With only a 48-hour lag, this data is available in an easy-to-use format to help cities, road authorities, and businesses quickly understand exactly what is happening on our nation’s roadways.
In addition to real-time speed and congestion information, trip data can serve as a proxy for overall road usage trends at national, state and local levels.
What You’ll Get:

  • Powerful insights on travel trends in the US and Europe based on hundreds of millions of anonymized daily trips
  • Details broken down by trip type which includes: Passenger Vehicle Trips, Long Haul Freight Trips, and Local Fleet Trips.
  • Data sources provide travel information on all roads, not just interstates and highways.
  • Metadata used is total trip distance of all INRIX Trips originating in the country/state/region each day
  • 10+ pre-built reports (leveraging Power BI  to easily visualize what’s happening on a national, state, and local level)
  • Ability to export data to use on your data visualization tools of choice