Report: Mall Resurgence Proves Brick and Mortar Still Alive Despite Pandemic

Analyzing the Economic Impact on the Retail Industry

Determining the post-pandemic recovery of malls and big box retail stores across America using Location Analytics, the latest product offering from INRIX

COVID-19 related shutdowns and social distancing requirements set unprecedented challenges for the retail industry, particularly for those not lucky enough to be deemed “essential businesses”.

Leveraging INRIX IQ Location Analytics, this report analyzed location intelligence data at over 500 retail locations across five major metropolitan areas to reveal consumer behavior trends throughout the pandemic.

What You’ll Learn:
      • • How shopping malls have rebounded from a 91% drop in foot traffic during the pandemic
    • • How shopping malls fared against “essential” retailers like Home Improvement stores, which saw record revenues in 2020.
  • • The importance of mobility analytics solutions like INRIX IQ Location Analytics in identifying and keeping up with rapidly changing dynamics in retail




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