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Arizona Selects INRIX for Real-Time Traffic Analysis and Optimized Road Planning

Analysis of traffic patterns allows state to more effectively manage the performance of road networks while minimizing costs

ADOT will utilize a suite of analytic tools and traffic services from INRIX and StreetLight Data to improve system planning, traffic management and operations:

  • INRIX Analytics is a suite of on-demand, cloud-based analysis tools that leverage INRIX traffic data across the U.S. They help transportation professionals understand what is happening on the roads, benchmark and improve roadway performance and maximize the investment of public funds. The platforms enable ADOT to analyze, visualize and understand road performance without the need for additional technology investments. The data and reporting is in partnership with the University of Maryland’s CATT Lab.
  • INRIX Real-Time Traffic Flow leverages anonymous, real-time GPS data from millions of connected vehicles and devices to deliver the broadest and most accurate traffic information on freeways, highways, interstates and major arterial roads. INRIX enables transportation agencies to monitor live traffic data including roadway name, time, current speed, typical speed and travel time.
  • StreetLight InSight®, StreetLight Data’s on-demand, cloud-based platform for transportation analytics, will allow ADOT to design, run, visualize and download analyses like origin-destination matrices for commercial trucks and personal travel modes. It combines the power of INRIX data, location-based services data from smart phones and ADOT’s own traffic counts with rich contextual data sets for a unique and powerful set of analytics.

Kirkland, WA – June 4, 2018 – INRIX, the world leader in transportation analytics and connected car services, today announced the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) selected INRIX traffic services to support efforts to monitor, measure and manage the state’s highway network. As part of the agreement, StreetLight Data will enable ADOT to transform INRIX and other geospatial data into travel pattern analytics for statewide modeling. ADOT will now have greater insight into highway performance and problem areas, enabling better informed infrastructure planning and transportation investments.

“INRIX real-time traffic services help us better understand how the motorists use state highways so we can more effectively manage our system and prioritize how we’ll invest limited transportation funding,” said Dallas Hammit, ADOT state engineer and deputy director for transportation.

“ADOT is further enhancing road performance management across the entire state with on-demand traffic data and mobility services from INRIX,” said Scott Sedlik, vice president and general manager – global public sector at INRIX. “State officials can now quickly identify and understand specific problem regions throughout Arizona, efficiently resolve any issues and deliver valuable travel information to drivers.”

INRIX is the leading provider of real-time, historical and predictive traffic information with broad road coverage across the U.S. With historical data and multi-year trend analysis, INRIX data is being used to assist states with setting and tracking progress against new federally-required mobility performance targets. With real-time information on more than five million miles of road in 45 countries, INRIX is the preferred provider of driving intelligence for leading automakers and transportation agencies, including Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, more than 100 Departments of Transportation globally, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, the U.K. Highways Agency and the Denmark Road Authority.



INRIX is the global leader in connected car services and transportation analytics. Leveraging big data and the cloud, INRIX delivers comprehensive services and solutions to help move people, cities and businesses forward. Our partners are automakers, governments, mobile operators, developers, advertisers, as well as companies large and small. Learn more at

About ADOT

The Arizona Department of Transportation is a multimodal transportation agency serving one of the fastest-growing areas of the country. Its responsibilities include planning, building and operating a complex highway system of more than 6,000 miles, building and maintaining bridges, providing title, registration and driver license services, inspecting and permitting commercial vehicles and operating Grand Canyon National Park Airport.

About StreetLight Data

StreetLight Data is San Francisco-based technology firm that transforms the massive amount of geospatial data produced by mobile devices into useful transportation behavior information. Smart city leaders, transportation experts, and urban planners can access StreetLight Data’s Metrics in minutes via an easy-to-use online platform, StreetLight InSight®. To learn more, visit

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