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INRIX Advances Navigation with ‘Nationwide Average Speeds’

KIRKLAND, Wash. – August 7, 2006 – Inrix today announced the addition of ‘Nationwide Average Speeds’ to its leading portfolio of traffic information services, further ensuring the company’s unique position as the first and only provider of accurate historical, real-time and predictive traffic information nationwide.

Inrix ‘Nationwide Average Speeds’ service provides highly accurate historical road speed information, by time of day and day of week, for the entire national highway network and secondary roads including all U.S. metropolitan markets, as well as interstates, arterials and side streets. Inrix has analyzed and normalized the historical speed information to deliver the highest degree of accuracy available and account for the impact of major events, seasonality, weather, incidents and other variables that impact traffic.

While many consumer, fleet management and transportation planning applications rely heavily on posted speed limits and incident data for time estimation and routing, Inrix ‘Nationwide Average Speeds’ service offers customers highly accurate travel estimates and dynamic routing based on the average driving speed for any road, any day and any time.

Inrix ‘Nationwide Average Speeds’ is ideal for offline applications requiring broad coverage for time estimation or routing capabilities such as automotive navigation, fleet logistics and transportation planning. ‘Nationwide Average Speeds’ features support for leading Tele Atlas and NAVTEQ map databases and can be easily combined with real-time speed information, making it ideal for consumer applications on connected devices as well.

“Accurate real-time and predictive traffic information is vital for today’s enterprise and consumer navigation solutions,” said Inrix President and CEO Bryan Mistele. “Only Inrix offers nationwide coverage and a complete suite of data services to meet the diverse needs of customers across a broad variety of channels including automotive, commercial, mobile, portable navigation and the Web.”

Inrix now has the most comprehensive suite of traffic solutions available, including real-time and predictive speed information for 40 major metropolitan markets across the U.S., traffic incident information for 138 metropolitan markets, and historical road speed information for the entire U.S. road network.

Derived from Inrix’s ground-breaking ‘Smart Dust Network,’ ‘Nationwide Average Speeds’ leverages the power of real-time and historical speed information for more than 500,000 commercial fleet vehicles, delivery trucks and taxis across the U.S. Inrix analyzes billions of data points from hundreds of data sources across the country to produce the broadest, most accurate nationwide traffic coverage available.

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