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Kirkland, WA – November 20, 2013 – INRIX, Inc., the leading global provider of traffic information and driver services, today introduced INRIX XD™ Incidents — a major breakthrough in traffic intelligence that reports more crashes, road closures and other incidents across significantly more roads in more countries and at much greater speed than ever before.

In contrast to existing services that rely primarily on reports from radio station personnel or other individuals, INRIX XD Incidents uses a combination of human intelligence and machine learning to improve the accuracy and speed of reporting crashes, construction, road closures and other traffic-impacting events.

INRIX XD Incidents detects crashes and road closures faster than before by automatically correlating real-time traffic flow data with information from nearly 400 public and private sources including media partners, departments of transportation, emergency responders, and community reports via mobile and in-vehicle applications as well as social networks like Twitter.

“Leveraging the massive network effect INRIX has built with traffic flow data worldwide, we’re now applying machine learning and big data analytics to what’s traditionally been an incredibly time-consuming, expensive manual process,” said Bryan Mistele, INRIX president and CEO. “For automakers, drivers can be alerted about a crash ahead in time to take a faster alternative route. For departments of transportation, agency professionals can be notified of incidents earlier and across their entire road networks, allowing them to implement incident response efforts more quickly.”

By addressing common incident reporting challenges including high latency, limited coverage outside of urban areas, missing road closures and lack of detail in terms of severity, location and time to clear, INRIX XD Incidents provides unrivaled insight into what’s happening on the road. Key benefits include:

• Best in Class Coverage: The service provides detailed incident information updated every minute for every road type and class from highways, ramps and interchanges to arterials, city streets and other secondary roads 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlike traditional services that only report incidents in and around specific radio station markets, INRIX XD Incidents covers urban areas, suburbs, outlying areas and roads between cities.
• Accuracy: INRIX XD Incidents goes beyond reporting incident location and type by providing insight into travel time impact, start and end of traffic queues and expected clear time. This information is critical to helping customers better inform drivers about what’s happening on the road ahead as well as recommending the best alternative route around an incident.
• Integration with Traffic Flow: INRIX XD Incidents is fundamentally integrated with INRIX XD™ Traffic ensuring that when a traffic event happens, the customer is alerted almost immediately and when an incident is no longer impacting traffic flow, it is automatically cleared. This deep integration between traffic flow data and traffic incident data ensures INRIX delivers the highest quality traffic incidents possible.
• Reliability: INRIX XD Incidents reports up to 40 percent more incidents than its nearest competitor. Through sophisticated analysis of anomalies in traffic flows, INRIX can detect temporary road closures and other incidents faster than traditional methods helping drivers the best route around delays and transportation agencies more cost-effectively manage their road networks.

While the company’s existing incident service is available in 24 countries, INRIX XD Incidents initially is available in North America and the U.K. The company plans to introduce INRIX XD Incidents in more countries early next year.

INRIX XD Incidents complements the company’s recently introduced INRIX XD Traffic service providing automakers, app providers, media and transportation agencies with a comprehensive traffic information service for integration into their products and services. With detailed traffic speeds for every mile down to 800 feet (250 meter) increments, INRIX XD Traffic improves route guidance and delivers better insight to transportation agencies for improving road network performance. Through the company’s unique combination of real-time traffic speeds with detailed incident information, INRIX provides customers with the ultimate solution for helping drivers waste less time and fuel stuck in traffic.

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