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Five New States Turn to INRIX for Statewide Real-Time Traffic Services as U.S. Reopens

INRIX helps agencies monitor, manage and measure road networks to improve safety and reliability

KIRKLAND, Wash. – August 18, 2020 – INRIX, Inc., a world leader in connected car services and transportation analytics, today announced that five new state departments of transportation (DOT) have signed on to leverage INRIX for a wide variety of transportation system management, operations and performance measurement applications. To date, 17 state DOTs in the U.S. now subscribe to INRIX real-time traffic services, covering nearly 600,000 miles and 40% of the nation’s limited access highways.

In the last three months, five states have either initiated or expanded statewide subscriptions for INRIX real-time traffic services. Tennessee DOT, Oregon DOT, and Louisiana DOTD have joined a growing number of states relying upon INRIX as their real-time eyes and ears on their statewide road network. Additionally, Texas DOT and Rhode Island DOT/DOA have expanded to statewide INRIX services. These states are also benefiting from the INRIX and University of Maryland’s CATT Lab partnership to provide real-time and historical roadway analytics tools.

In addition to core real-time services, INRIX offers several additional applications, many of which will be used by these new subscriptions. Tennessee DOT will be utilizing INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns to focus on secondary crash reductions; Rhode Island DOT/DOA and Texas DOT will be utilizing INRIX Trip Analytics powered by CATT Lab; and Louisiana DOTD will integrate INRIX Corridor Travel Times to seamlessly power dynamic travel times signs.

“More than a decade ago, INRIX was the first company in the United States to offer public agencies real-time speed, travel time and congestion data solely based on crowd-sourced data,” said Rick Schuman, vice president, public sector Americas, INRIX. “State agencies increasingly understand the cost-effectiveness of using crowd-sourced data to monitor and manage their vast road network to improve safety and increase network reliability. We’re excited to welcome our new state subscribers and are honored they’re using INRIX data and tools to achieve their objectives in these challenging and cost-conscious times.”

Demonstrating flexibility in supporting the unique needs and process of the public sector, INRIX used three different contract procurement mechanisms: Texas DOT used its competitive Request for Offer process; Oregon DOT and Louisiana DOTD contracted with the University of Maryland with INRIX as a key partner supporting the CATT Lab; and Tennessee and Rhode Island license INRIX services via the Eastern Transportation Coalition’s Vehicle Probe Project, under which INRIX has been offering services to Coalition Members since 2008.

INRIX offers software solutions to some of the most innovative businesses and cities to identify and solve complex transportation challenges. With real-time, historical and predictive information on million miles of roads in 147 countries, INRIX is the preferred provider of roadway intelligence for hundreds of departments of transportation and road authorities worldwide.


INRIX is the global leader in connected car services and mobility analytics. We help cities and businesses use big data to identify and solve transportation problems, making the world safer, happier and greener. Our partners are automakers, governments, retailers, insurance agencies, advertisers and dozens of other industries that can benefit from understanding how people and vehicles move. Learn more at

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