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Know what lies ahead – Real-Time Traffic for Sygic GPS navigation apps launched in Europe

Whether in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland or United Kingdom, from now on Sygic navigation apps users in these countries can rely on Real-Time Traffic information provided by INRIX and be on track about what lies ahead on their routes.
Subscribers to Real-Time Traffic will receive up-to-date information about traffic incidents such as crashes, road closures, traffic congestion and major road works. Integrated into the Sygic applications, this on-line service will help users avoid long traffic delays by suggesting alternative routes. Sygic’s Mobile Maps and Sygic Aura apps also notify drivers about the location of speed cameras and road crossings, as well as of changes in speed limits for added safety.
“Sygic navigation with Real-Time Traffic continuously scans the road ahead alerting motorists to traffic-causing delays and when to seek alternative route,” said Hans Puvogel, General Manager of INRIX Europe. “By leveraging INRIX’s Real-Time Traffic information on Sygic apps, motorist can rely on the broadest and most accurate traffic data available to help them know the best way to go.”
Real-Time Traffic is available as an add-on feature for Sygic navigation applications running on all the major mobile platforms including the iPhone, iPad, Symbian, Maemo, Android and Windows Mobile. The 12-month subscription to Real-Time Traffic service can be purchased at Sygic web e-shop for introductory prices valid till November 30, 2010: EUR 7.49 per country or EUR 14.99 for Europe package, which includes all the countries listed above. Standard pricing will be: EUR 9.99 pre country or EUR 19.99 per Europe package.
Real-Time Traffic service is compatible with Sygic Mobile Maps version 8.1.6 and higher, as well as Sygic Aura version 1.16 and higher. As it is a connected feature, internet connection is required in order to use the service. Data transfer costs are not included in the subscription to the service.

About Sygic

Sygic develops, markets and sells innovative, location-based products and turn-by-turn voice-guided GPS navigation software. Sygic Mobile Maps applications are present across more than 200 types of devices and operating systems such as the iPhone, Symbian, Maemo, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Windows XP/Vista and Linux. The 3D Sygic Aura is available for iPhone and PNDs and is under preparation for further platforms. Sygic’s GPS/LBS software is delivered worldwide in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, and 20 other languages.
Sygic works with map industry leaders for supreme mapping support through all regions of the globe and it cooperates strongly with leading PND and phone manufactures globally to bring the latest technology to markets everywhere.

Sygic and the Sygic logo are registered trademarks of Sygic

About Sygic Mobile Maps

Sygic Mobile Maps is a turn-by-turn voice guided navigation software that converts mobile phones into full-featured navigation devices. It is fully operable on hundreds of mobile phones and smartphones running major mobile operation systems, incl. iPhone, Symbian, Maemo, Android and Windows Mobile, incl. Windows Mobile 6.5. It also supports various PDA, PND and MID devices based on Windows CE, Windows XP/Vista or Linux. Sygic Mobile Maps is available for following regions: Australia & New Zealand, South East Asia, Gulf, Russia, Complete Europe, UK/ Ireland, North America, US, Colombia & Brazil.

About Sygic Aura

Sygic Aura takes the car navigation experience to a whole new level . It is a real 3D turn-by-turn voice guided navigation application, which blends full-featured car navigation, pedestrian navigation with 3D landmark representation, pre-installed city guides, travel & weather information, wiki info and images, and last but not least, it provides a geo-aware social network, making it easy for people to drive, walk, explore & meet other people without the hustle of many gadgets, apps or calls. Sygic Aura is currently available for iPhone, iPad, Android, PND and InDash devices. Regional packages of Sygic Aura Drive cover numerous regions in Europe, Russia, Singapore & Malaysia, Australia & New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico & Brazil.

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