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Steve Remias Joins INRIX to Lead the Digital Transformation of Signal Performance

INRIX IQ Signal Analytics delivers on-demand intersection and corridor analytics designed for all levels of traffic professionals

KIRKLAND, Wash. – May 25, 2021 – INRIX, Inc., the world leader in mobility insights, today announced the hire of Dr. Steve Remias as head of product strategy to lead the digital transformation of signalized intersections. INRIX® IQ Signal Analytics delivers unprecedented intersection and corridor analytics in an easy to use yet powerful cloud-based platform designed for all levels of traffic professionals – management, engineering, operations and maintenance.

“I’m excited to join the INRIX team that is bringing signalized intersection maintenance and operations into the 21st century by helping agencies manage traffic signal and corridor performance easier, faster and cheaper,” said Remias. “INRIX already provides hundreds of road authorities and cities worldwide with unsurpassed data-driven insights into how goods and people move – so I’m thrilled to see where we take Signal Analytics to continue improving mobility around the world.”

Steve brings more than 10 years of experience performing transportation operations research and data collection. Prior to INRIX, he was a transportation engineer at the Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP) at Purdue, then joined Wayne State University as a faculty member in 2015. Steve holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Michigan State University, and a Masters and PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Purdue University.

Steve’s focus areas include probe vehicle data, traffic signal optimization, performance measurement, and using large data sets to solve transportation problems. His past research utilized innovative data collection techniques and modern technologies, and has been recognized by numerous state and local agencies. Steve’s most recent projects include an implementation of signal performance measurements in Michigan, creating the Michigan Congestion and Mobility Report, and using probe data to assess work zone performance nationwide.

“Steve’s extensive experience working with data collection, industry-leading technology and signal performance is the ideal fit as we help customers expand their digital infrastructure,” said Rick Schuman, vice president of public sector services at INRIX. “He’ll have an immediate impact on our efforts to continue innovating Signal Analytics while also helping to expand our other product offerings across the world.”

Signal Analytics is the industry’s first intersection analytics platform based exclusively on anonymous connected vehicle data. With a penetration rate nearing seven percent in many markets, Signal Analytics calculates for industry-defined metrics including control delay, split failures, turn ratio and volume at a vastly lower cost than instrumenting an intersection. Systemwide summary metrics are reported daily and presented in an intuitive, web-based application available through INRIX IQ, a SaaS application suite for uncovering mobility insights.

For more than 15 years, INRIX has helped the world’s most innovative public sector agencies, businesses and automakers leverage movement data to deliver better products and services to their customers and constituents. INRIX IQ pairs those same high-quality insights with powerful visualizations and purpose-built solutions in an intuitive, self-serve, cloud-based platform.


INRIX is a global leader in mobility data and analytics. We help cities and businesses use big data to identify and solve transportation problems, making the world safer, happier and greener. Our partners are automakers, governments, retailers, insurance agencies, advertisers and dozens of other industries that can benefit from understanding how people and vehicles move. Learn more at

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