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Partnering for Progress

Empowering Consultants With Safety Insights to Help Communities Realize Their Vision Zero Goals

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SS4A Awards Webinar 2023

Watch this webinar to learn how safety analytics software can help consultants optimize Vision Zero planning and improvement efforts.

As a consultant, you understand the importance of using cutting-edge safety analytics tools to build effective safety action plans that stay within budget.

Don’t miss this informative webinar designed specifically for transportation consultants who will be working with SS4A grant award winners from cities, MPOs, and Counties to plan and implement safety improvement projects.

This webinar will highlight how direct access to Safety View by GM Future Roads and INRIX can help you differentiate your consulting firm in a highly specialized field. We’ll explore optional business models as well as how Safety View can provide you with key safety insights to help you ensure project success.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to establish priority access to Safety View for staff training and proposal development.
  • How to use safety analytics tools to identify high-risk areas and prioritize safety improvement projects that align with community needs and Vision Zero goals.
  • How to leverage safety analytics software to build data-driven safety action plans.
  • Best practices for using Safety View to measure the effectiveness of implementation efforts and identify areas for improvement.



Ted Trepanier
Public Sector Services Specialist, INRIX
Shaun Quayle
Senior Traffic Signal & Safety Engineer, INRIX
Shawn Granda
Head of Product, Future Roads and Smart City Incubation, GM

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