On-Demand Webinar: Signal Analytics User Group Meeting

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This June, experts from INRIX and the CATT Lab discuss new features, use cases, and how to get the most value out of your Signal Analytics platform.

Please join INRIX and the CATT Lab in a user-focused session to discuss new and upcoming features of Signal Analytics. The purpose of this event is to inform, educate, and gather feedback from current customers who are actively using the Signal Analytics platform.

We will share new examples of real-world use cases and provide a detailed demonstration of features that have been added to the signal analytics platform over the past three months. This will be a good refresher opportunity for any users who have stepped away from the platform for a few months.

What You’ll Learn:

  • A summary of new features in Signal Analytics
  • Use cases from Washington County, OR  
  • How to provide feedback for upcoming features



Steve Remias
Head of Product Strategy, Signal Analytics at INRIX
Ted Trepanier
 Senior Director, Public Sector Sales at INRIX
Shaun Quayle 
Senior Traffic Signal & Safety Engineer at INRIX 
Angela Salerno
Director, Customer Success at INRIX
Charles Lattimer
Senior Faculty Specialist at CATT Lab

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