On-Demand Webinar: Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on European Transportation Trends

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This new report analyses vehicle miles traveled (VMT) to understand how the pandemic impacted movement and transportation in Europe.

As many EU countries closed their borders to non-essential travel and stay-at-home orders were carried out, traffic disappeared in a matter of weeks around the world.

However, the timing and the degree to which each country went on lockdown in response to the virus, and then gradually restarted their economies resulted in a significant variation of impact to the road network.

INRIX analyzed billions of anonymous data points to understand exactly how our cities, roadways, and supply chains have been affected by COVID-19. We hope to provide insight on what the lasting effects of this pandemic could have on transportation as the world recovers.

What You’ll Learn:
  • – Overall travel trends during COVID-19 and when European countries hit their lowest vehicle miles traveled (VMT)
  • – Which European countries have met or exceeded their pre-COVID levels of passenger travel
  • – How different transportation in countries varied in relation to the timing and degree of lockdown efforts





Vehicle-Miles Traveled, Western Europe

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