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INRIX’s Real-Time Traffic Data Powers Unique “NearBy Scope” to Provide  Accurate and Accessible Driving Intelligence

LONDON – February 09, 2015 – INRIX®, Inc., the leading global provider of transportation information, analytics and driver services for the connected car and smart cities worldwide, has announced a partnership with open source software company Canonical to provide traffic, incident and parking intelligence for the world’s first Ubuntu smartphone, BQ’s Aquaris E4.5, which was announced today.

Smartphones are a vital source of information for drivers and this partnership provides Ubuntu users with access to real-time traffic alerts direct from the home screen,” said Scott Sedlik, General Manager & VP EMEA, INRIX. “Drivers need to stay up-to-date with developments on their routes and in the local area. By providing incident updates, parking location and availability information and live feeds from traffic cameras, INRIX data puts Ubuntu users in the driving seat, saving them fuel, time and frustration.”

Canonical’s unique “Scopes” system enables users to access information direct from the home screen, with the “NearBy” Scope making information about local amenities and important information on the user’s vicinity accessible. The new handset will feature INRIX’s traffic intelligence via the NearBy Scope, providing users with crucial information including:

  • Incident alerts. Incident alerts tell users what to expect on the road ahead, including details about the incident and its expected impact, ensuring users always know the quickest route to their destination.
  • Traffic cameras. NearBy Scope users will enjoy real-time static images and video feeds (where available) from local traffic cameras along major roadways, providing users with unparalleled visibility and insight into traffic conditions on the road ahead.
  • Parking location, information and availability data. This feature provides information for off-street parking facilities in the local area, including crucial data on pricing, maximum stay duration and even live parking availability.

Canonical’s Scopes system is a complete reinvention of the traditional mobile UI. Scopes present a new way to rapidly and visually access the most important digital life services – travel, music, social, web, local services, photos and more – directly on the home screen.

Cristian Parrino, VP Mobile at Canonical, said: “Ubuntu presents users with an entirely different way to engage with their devices. Our mobile story moves beyond apps and the app icon grid – Scopes are an entirely new user experience that brings the content you want direct to the home screen, making key information much more accessible. Our partnership with INRIX will provide Ubuntu users with real-time traffic, incident and parking intelligence, made more accessible than ever before.”

The elements of the NearBy Scope powered by INRIX data are built on INRIX’s Mobile Development Kit (MDK), which provides partners with access to real-time traffic speeds on maps, alerts to crashes, construction, road closures, events and other incidents and calculates travel times and ETAs in traffic. The INRIX MDK enables developers to build solutions using INRIX data, enabling companies to create their own native proprietary apps to offer this experience to their customers.


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