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California Department of Transportation Partners with INRIX to Improve Safety on Roadways using Generative AI

KIRKLAND, Wash. – Wednesday, June 12, 2024 – Today, INRIX, Inc. announced it has been selected by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) for a proof of concept (POC) contract to test a new Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) powered solution to improve safety for vulnerable roadway users (VRU). The solution leverages INRIX Compass, an innovative AI-powered technology, and INRIX’s 20-year proprietary data lake to effectively address systemic safety challenges across the Caltrans’ state highway network, identify safety improvement areas, and propose solutions.

The GenAI-powered safety solution will come pre-loaded with publicly available and proprietary safety-based datasets available at scale, on every functional road classification – from rural highways to busy city thoroughfares. This includes speed distributions, crashes, volumes, the presence of vulnerable roadway users, near-miss events, and abrupt maneuvers like hard braking, hard accelerating, and hard cornering. These insights will be combined with statewide datasets, which includes information such as crashes and roadway inventory data.

“Leveraging 20 years of insights, our massive 50 petabyte data lake, and Compass, as well as Caltrans’ road safety policy and guidance, we are honored to collaborate with Caltrans to improve safety for vulnerable roadway users,” said Bryan Mistele, CEO at INRIX. ” Together with Caltrans, we will leverage the unique power of GenAI to help uncover underlying causes, and prescriptive solutions to pave the way for a safer transportation future.”

Trained on real-time and historical data, along with industry research and manuals, the solution provides a new systemic, safety-based methodology for risk assessment, location prioritization, and project implementation. INRIX Compass allows users to easily query the roadway network and help identify and prioritize locations with systemic risk factors, anomalous safety patterns, and provide prioritized recommendations for operational and design solutions and countermeasures based on industry knowledge. The GenAI technology represents a significant leap forward in transportation innovation, providing Caltrans with actionable insights and predictive analytics to improve safety for VRUs statewide.

INRIX has been on the forefront of cloud computing and AI. For nearly two decades, INRIX has harnessed machine learning to deliver precise and actionable mobility data. In 2019, INRIX launched INRIX AI Traffic – an AI-based system that dramatically improved the accuracy and coverage of existing traffic systems. With Compass, INRIX again is leading the charge to harness advanced technology to improve global transportation problems, and will soon be integrated and rolled out across INRIX’s extensive portfolio of products.


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