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New INRIX Insights™ Platform now Available in the UAE to Transform Smart Cities Planning, Retail Analytics and Advertising Measurement

INRIX Enables Businesses and Governments to Work Smarter with New Data from Connected Cars

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 7th June, 2015 : INRIX®, Inc., the leading global provider of transportation intelligence and connected car services worldwide, is introducing the first analytics platform in the UAE to tap big data from the connected car for urban planning, retail site selection and advertising measurement.

Through unique analysis into the movement of people, vehicles and commerce in cities worldwide, INRIX Insights™ is the first platform to provide business and government with the ability to gain insight from connected cars for use in planning new roads and transit systems, locating a business or measuring the results of a marketing campaign.  The platform leverages real-time GPS data from a growing network of more than 250 million vehicles and devices.

“INRIX Insights exemplifies how the Internet of Things can turn data into knowledge for businesses and government agencies.”” said Scott Sedlik, General Manager, Europe, Middle East & Africa, INRIX.

Today INRIX introduced the first two services on its INRIX Insights platform:  INRIX Insights™ Trips and INRIX Insights™ Volume.  INRIX Insights Trips is a data-as-a-service (DaaS) application for understanding population movement across a metropolitan area, between two locations and at various points along the way.  INRIX Insights Volume is the first global population movement service that provides insight into how many vehicles typically pass a location by time of day, day of week at a location as well as actual vehicle counts on a specific day, time and side of the road.  Together, these services represent a breakthrough in Origin-Destination and vehicle count analysis that reduces cost and complexity while increasing the accuracy of data and reliability of information.

Now available to customers in the U.A.E, Europe and U.S., these services help cities, businesses and advertisers better anticipate the movement of people and measure it across a region, around a business or past a billboard.

Government:  A Foundation for Building Smarter Cities

As governments work to address population growth in our cities, INRIX Insights Trips and INRIX Insights Volume provides these agencies with a more scalable, cost-effective and immediate way to predict, plan and prioritize investment in roads and transit across their entire transportation network infrastructure.  Key benefits of the services include:

  • Less reliance on road-side counters or automated traffic recorders.  INRIX Insights Volume offers a faster, more cost-effective way to understand traffic volumes by day of week, time of day and by vehicle type (passenger vs. freight) across the entire road network.
  • Faster, more reliable insight compared to costly, time intensive and often biased consumer surveys. INRIX Insights Trips uses anonymized GPS data from actual trips across a region to provide insight used to identify trends and calibrate urban planning models.
  • Insight into the true movement of freight vehicles around transportation networks that enables better planning for safe and efficient movement of freight through a region.


Retailers: Improving Site Selection and Competitive Intelligence

In addition to being foundational to smart cities, INRIX Insights Volume and INRIX Insights Trips services help retailers work smarter.  Key feature benefits to retailers include:

  • Site selection- INRIX Insights Volume eliminates the guesswork of determining how many people pass potential store locations on a daily basis.
  • Marketing Intelligence- INRIX Insights Volume also can be used to measure the impact of marketing campaigns helping retailers with immediate insight into the impact on traffic to competitors’ stores.


Similarly, INRIX Insights Trips helps businesses better understand their customers and how they travel to their stores when planning advertising and promotional campaigns. For example, a retailer can use this information to understand how long it takes customers from different parts of town to get to their store, decide when and where to open a new one or pinpoint advertising and other marketing efforts to their customers on billboards, transit and other channels.

Advertisers: From Proof of Posting to Proof of Performance

The INRIX Insights platform benefits to businesses also extend to advertisers.  INRIX Insights Volume takes the guesswork out of measuring the impact of the $6.9 billion billboard advertising industry.  For the first time, advertisers can now understand how many people were exposed to an ad and for how long in traffic based on time of day, day of the week.   With this insight, new advertisers, who demand third-party measurability, can obtain the post-campaign analysis they have come to expect from other advertising media.

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