On-Demand Webinar: Communication is Critical to Situational Awareness and Crisis Management

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Join experts from INRIX and iLog to learn how the Highway Emergency Link Platform (HELP) promotes roadway safety and enables critical communication—even during major emergencies.

Learn from real world examples how the Highway Emergency Link Platform (HELP) uses FEMA’s IPAWS alerting system – like an Amber alert- to communicate travelers during a roadway emergency.

Key Features of HELP Alerts developed by Information Logistics:

  • Virtual DMS for emergencies
  • No app or preregistration required
  • Easy to use
  • Efficiently pushes official messages to geo-targeted travelers
  • Establishes 1-way or 2-way communications
  • A Federal Emergency Management Agency demonstrated Alert Origination Software Provider

What You’ll Learn

  • How to quickly and easily establish one-way or two-way communication with travelers stuck in a queue during roadway closures or other emergencies like flooding, blizzards, hurricanes, or other major incidents. 
  • How to keep travelers safe by diverting them to alternative routes or warning of emergencies to avoid dangerous situations

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