In the spirit of Earth Day, I’d like to share a few apps, much like ours, that are helping people become more environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon foot print.


INRIX Traffic (of course)

Make your daily commute greener by saving time and money on gas with the INRIX Traffic app, available for iPhone or Android users. On average drivers who use the app spend 15 hours less per year idle in traffic, burn one less tank of fuel and reduce vehicle emissions by 350 lbs of carbon.  INRIX Traffic offers real-time traffic information and traffic forecasts for major highways, Interstates, arterials and city streets nationwide. It also allows you to report real-time incidents so you can alert other drivers along your route. The Pro version of the app gives you the fastest route, recommended departure time, travel time and ETA for places you’re going.



GoodGuide app helps you find environmentally friendly products while you shop. You can browse, search or simply scan a barcode to see detailed ratings on more than 70,000 products and companies. Find information about personal care, household chemicals, toys, food and paper products all on your smartphone or tablet. You can also view detailed information on the health, environmental, and social performance of your favorite brands. GoodGuide allows users to create personalized shopping lists and lists of products to avoid and share those products via Facebook, Twitter and email.  You can even earn badges for viewing, rating and sharing products and brands.



Carticipate is an app providing a social network for carpooling. Users post when they have an available ride or when they need to go somewhere.  Carticipate will match you up with other local members that are going your way, by where you’re going and when.  Save money on gas while helping the environment by ‘carticipating’ with friends, family, groups, or co-workers.  The app also features a scheduler tool allowing you to create and manage multiple trips where you define the “From” and “To” locations.  It also comes with a list of pre-loaded default destinations which you can edit, delete, or add your own custom locations.  Carticipate is available for iPhone and Facebook



With more than 110,000 recycling and disposal locations for over 240 materials, iRecycle makes it easy to find recycling locations anywhere in the U.S.. The app also provides directions from your current location to the recycling facility you choose, as well as lists other items that can be recycled at agiven location. iRecycle also provides information on local green events in your area and  gives you access to hundreds of articles from, allowing you to search for the topics you’re interested in learning more about.



Normally $2.99 but FREE on Earth Day 4/22

Using your smartphone’s GPS, Locavore makes searching for in-season, local food a breeze by locating farms and farmers’ markets nearest to you. Read all about them on their profile page, find that specific local item you have been looking for or browse foods that are currently in-season.  Locavore provides details about your local farmers’ market, as well as suggests recipes and allows you to post what local food you ate to Facebook.

All of the apps listed in this post can be found in the iTunes App Store or Android Market.  Do you have an app you think should be included on this list?  Let us know in the comments section.