What’s New? 

We are excited to announce the INRIX Traffic App now includes XD™ Traffic giving you the following:

  • Greater detail than ever before. Now showing you traffic on major roads down to 800 feet, helping you make better traffic decisions in real time.
  • Finding traffic on your hidden back road route just got easier.  Increased coverage on local roads/arterials and new roads finds the fastest route for you in seconds.
  • Covering 4 million miles of roads worldwide – that’s equal to going around the world 160 times over!

You asked, we answered giving you the following improvements in 5.1:

  • We made the app smarter. It detects when you are Home and opens on Work and vice versa.
  • Larger fonts for times/text throughout the app to make it easier to read in the car.
  • Mini Map on the News screen now shows your entire route for easier navigation.
  • We said goodbye to the carousel on the top of the screen and replaced it with an easier to use drop down menu.
  • Cameras are now loaded in order of your commute from start to finish so you can see the trouble spots along the way.
  • We’ve added the latest version of Google Maps on Android which improves accuracy of your location and helps save battery power and data usage.
  • We’ve added support for the following tablets – Nexus 7 & 10, Samsung Galaxy 7 & 10.

Download the latest version:

Apple App Store 

Google Play 

We love your feedback, it helps us to improve the app, so keep it coming!  Tell your friends and family members and share the news with your social networks so they can experience the benefits of INRIX Traffic too.

Safe Driving!