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UK Highways Agency

United Kingdom’s Highways Agency Update Their Real-time Roadway Management System Using INRIX Technologies and Services

The United Kingdom’s Highways Agency (HA), who manage England’s 4,300-miles road network, were faced with the need to replace the National Traffic Control Centre’s traffic data processing and publication elements to better serve the millions of motorists that travel the roadways daily.


It was apparent that there was a need to overhaul the previous traffic control and user communication system into a single, efficient and integrated solution.
A systemwide overhaul was in order and INRIX data had the coverage and quality for this


The HA and the Network Information Systems Limited (“NISL”) selected INRIX as the primary supplier of data services (data-as-a-service, or “DaaS”). INRIX data is the cornerstone of the Highway Agency’s abilities, enabling the agency to access data for planning and managing its roadways in real-time, as well as establishing up-to-the-minute communication with roadway users. Using INRIX real-time traffic information, the HA substantially expanded their coverage.

INRIX Technology and Services include:
  • Real-time traffic data provided as individual and discrete feeds, and as an aggregated feed processed by the INRIX Fusion platform
  • INRIX standard and custom APIs developed specifically for the needs of the Highways Agency
  • Highways Agency fixed loop infrastructure (MIDAS)


INRIX technology and services enhance the Highways Agency’s capability to collect data about traffic conditions, plan and manage current events.

  • Process this data to give a real-time national view of traffic conditions on the motorway and trunk road network
  • Assess the impact of events and traffic flows so that the operations staff can determine the most appropriate response
  • Implement responses into action, including the dynamic signing of traffic diversions
  • Publish traffic and event information to the Highways Agency’s websites, including Traffic England
  • Provide real-time traffic information to the travel news media for broadcast on national and regional radio and television
  • Provide information for the Highways Agency and others organizations to assess the overall performance of the strategic road network

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