E-Book: Using Location-Intelligence To Uncover Hidden Market Trends

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Whether you’re a major financial institution, hedge fund, or just an average investor — data is the backbone of your investment strategy.

As the world grows more unpredictable, traditional data sources alone are no longer sufficient to make sound investment decisions.

We created this guide to help investors understand how location intelligence can be used to optimize portfolio allocations, better manage risk and uncover hidden market trends.

What You’ll Learn:

> How alternative data is becoming more important for investors as the world is becoming increasingly unpredictable.

> What “Location Intelligence” is and how it can help financial professionals make better investment decisions, minimize risk, and uncover hidden trends.

> What the different types of location-based data are and how each type can be used to understand the movement of people and goods.

> How INRIX can empower professionals with cloud-based tools that make it fast and easy gain insights from location intelligence.

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