INRIX Automated Freight Corridor Assessment

Understanding Which Corridors Are Best For AV Freight

Using big data to ensure successful automated freight vehicle deployment

To determine the best roads for autonomous truck deployment, INRIX Research used three key variables: freight volume, congestion levels and incidents rates.

Insights from the AV Freight Study include:

  • Our research shows HAV technology holds significant potential to decrease truck-related incidents.
  • The United States exhibits strong potential for HAV deployment due to increasing freight demand coupled with a shrinking labor pool
  • Although the U.K. has high levels of uncertainty in terms of Brexit, labor, regulatory and environmental considerations, the economic rationale for HAV deployment is strong.
  • Due to exceptionally high levels of incidents, Germany could see greater returns on HAV adoption when compared to the U.S. and U.K.

Avery Ash, Head of Autonomous Mobility at INRIX, discusses the findings of the study further, which you can read in his blog.


Avery Ash, Head of Autonomous Mobility
Trevor Reed, Transportation Analyst
Ben Weiser, GIS Analyst
Joshua Kidd, Data Analyst

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