E-Book: The Evolution of Intelligent Transportation

How Big Data Is Transforming Traffic Analysis and Management

Looking back at the technology used by traffic engineers over the years, it’s evident the industry is entering a period of rapid change. Technological advancements are arriving more quickly than ever, and agencies have access to virtually limitless amounts of data.

Rich and enormous data sets give traffic engineers and urban planners alike a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of urban mobility. The advent of floating vehicle data provides an even greater scope of knowledge in addition to insights provided by traditional vehicle detection hardware.

This e-book explores the history of mobility intelligence technology and practices, from the humble origins of manual counts up to the most modern advancements in floating vehicle data and virtual infrastructure that can be leveraged to address the challenges of tomorrow. Learn how mobility intelligence technology has evolved over the years and, more importantly, where it’s headed by filling out the form below!

What You’ll Learn:

> How big data complements existing sensory hardware paradigms for mobility intelligence

> The potential applications of big data in traffic & parking operations, infrastructure planning, and city governance

> Insights from multiple case studies involving agencies at the city and state levels

> And more!

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