Report: INRIX U.S. Signals Scorecard

The 1st National Benchmark of Key Traffic Signal Performance Measures Using Connected Vehicle Data.

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Using INRIX Signal Analytics and one week of data (tens of billions of data points) from connected vehicles and devices, we analyzed all vehicle movements at over 210,000 signalized intersections across the US.

The INRIX U.S. Signals Scorecard analyzed traffic signal performance on a national level, by state, by MPO and by county, and provides performance rankings based on key metrics vital to signal operations like delay per vehicle and arrival on green.

This report analyzed traffic signal performance on a National level, in every state and in the 25 largest MPOs/MPAs. Additionally, we ranked the 25 worst “urban intersections” nationwide based on average delay-per-vehicle.

What You’ll Learn:
      • • The ‘Top 10” Best/Worst performing MPOs with 500 or More Signals Analyzed
    • • The ‘Top 10” Best/Worst Performing Counties with 500 or More Signals Analyzed
    • • The “Top 25” Worst Performing Urban Intersections
  • • Traffic Signal Performance Metrics for All 50 States Including Arrival on Green (%), Est. Stops Per Signal, Avg. Delay Per Vehicle, Total Delay (Hours), Total Delay Per Signal (Hours)

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