Report: The Riskiest Roads Internationally

Analyzing the Most Dangerous Roads Around the World

Using our historical collision & lane closure information on over 5 million miles of road worldwide, INRIX determined the riskiest roads & collision hotspots in North American and European cities.

COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way people travel so we also analyzed the relationship between VMT, speeds and roadway collisions on Interstates, highways, and arterial streets to gain holistic understanding.

The INRIX Riskiest Roads study analyzes and ranks the effect the global pandemic had on automobile and truck collisions on the busiest interstates and highways around some of the largest Canadian, European and American cities.

What You’ll Learn:
      • • The riskiest corridors, top collision hotspots and the change in collisions during COVID.
    • • The impact of pandemic-related VMT reductions on speed and collisions nationwide, by metropolitan area.
  • • Collisions by road type (e.g. Freeways vs. Arterials).





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