WEBINAR: Key Findings from the INRIX U.S. Signals Scorecard

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Watch this free webinar to get an in-depth look at our U.S. Signals Scorecard which analyzed traffic signal performance on a National level.

The INRIX U.S. Signals Scorecard leveraged a week’s worth of data from October 2020, to provide the first national benchmarking of key traffic signal performance measures, like delay per vehicle (‘Level of Service’) and percent of vehicles arriving on green.

INRIX utilized billions of data points from connected vehicles and INRIX IQ Signal Analytics, to analyze all vehicle movements at over 210,000 signalized intersections across the US to provide a systemwide analysis of individual traffic signals on a national level.

What You’ll Learn:
      • • In-depth details about our findings from INRIX U.S. Signals Scorecard, the first comprehensive analysis of a majority of traffic signals in the US, spread across all states and metropolitan areas
    • • Learn more about the results of the Scorecard, the methodology used to create it, and initial conclusions drawn from analyzing nearly 1 billion vehicle crossings over week in October 2020, across all movements at more than 210,000 signalized intersections
  • • Find out how to access the scorecard and get details on how to take advantage of the companion online interactive national map that summarizes the location and results of each intersection analyzed
  • • Find out how INRIX Signal Analytics can be used to extract and generate similar data on an ongoing basis




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