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Free iPhone App Helps Drivers Beat the Traffic

Kirkland, WA, 31 August 2010 – INRIX®, a leading provider of traffic information and driver services, announced the immediate ability for millions of consumers to save time and reduce frustration driving throughout Europe with the launch of a free app, INRIX Traffic!, for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Available for immediate download from the Apple App Store, INRIX Traffic! is a community-powered traffic app that uniquely helps drivers reduce the amount of time they waste stuck in traffic through a better understanding of current AND future traffic conditions. Initially available in local languages in France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg with more countries to be added later this year, INRIX Traffic! covers more than 300,000 km of motorways, city streets and secondary roads in 100 cities.
“For most of us, what we really need is a tool that helps us save time going to the places we drive to every day,” said INRIX Europe General Manager Dr. Hans-Hendrik Puvogel. “Who hasn’t wanted an hour or more of their life back after a grueling drive home or crawling past road works that weren’t properly posted? Whether traveling across town or across borders, INRIX TRAFFIC! gives drivers insight they can rely on to reach their destinations stress-free while reclaiming an extremely precious commodity—their time.”
In addition to real-time traffic information, the app’s Community Traffic Reports feature allows consumers to instantly view and share with the community common traffic-causing delays such as crashes and road works along their route. As consumers head back to work and back to school following the summer holidays, INRIX Traffic! arrives just in time to help them take the guesswork out of their daily commutes. Time-saving features of INRIX Traffic! include:

• Superior traffic coverage and accuracy. Consumers can view real-time, crowd-sourced traffic information updated to their device every minute for motorways in and between 100 cities across France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.
• Community Traffic Reports: With one tap, drivers can share information alerting others to crashes, road works and dangerous spots along their route as well as other traffic-causing events such as concerts, conventions and major sporting events.
• Traffic Forecasts: This feature enables consumers to see at a glance how traffic is expected to change over time. Only INRIX analyses real-time data and historical information as well as thousands of other traffic-impacting factors, such as day of the week, weather, holidays, crashes, road works and local events to provide reliable traffic forecasts.
INRIX will use insights gained from consumers in the initial launch markets to deliver new features and more time-saving benefits as the app becomes available to consumers across Europe later in the year.
How INRIX Traffic! Works:
INRIX TRAFFIC! provides drivers with instant access to the most comprehensive and reliable traffic information available on the world’s most popular smartphone. Supplementing INRIX’s vast network of GPS-enabled commercial and consumer vehicles, every INRIX TRAFFIC! user sends anonymous “GPS probe” data to INRIX servers which intelligently combine the information with billions of real-time speed data points from other drivers in the INRIX Smart Driver Network. Billions of data points enable INRIX to continuously and instantaneously update the traffic maps on the INRIX TRAFFIC! App resulting in the most accurate current and forecast traffic information available anywhere.

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