Today, we’re pleased to announce INRIX has been awarded a cooperative purchasing contract in the Curb Management Technologies with Related Services category at Sourcewell.

Sourcewell is a self-sustaining government organization offering a cooperative purchasing program with more than 400 competitively solicited contracts to government, education, and nonprofit entities throughout North America. By utilizing Sourcewell contracts, participating agencies save time and money by capturing the buying power of more than 50,000 organizations.

INRIX was awarded a Sourcewell contract following a rigorous request for proposal process resulting in contracts that meet, or exceed, local procurement requirements. The Sourcewell contract focuses on three main cloud-based INRIX products currently being used by transportation agencies in North America to better manage their curbspace.

  • INRIX Curb Analytics empowers parking and transportation authorities to manage the curbspace more effectively, maximize parking availability and ultimately improve the quality of life for city residents. It digitizes and visualizes your city’s curbside and off-street parking, fully out-of-the-box. Curb Analytics includes multiple curbside and parking datasets – sourced from anonymized connected vehicles and devices, in-field surveys and the global INRIX parking database – aggregated into a single user-friendly solution with pre-loaded on-street and off-street data available today in 40+ cities in North America.
  • INRIX Ride Report is a shared mobility management platform helping cities launch, manage, and evaluate shared scooter, bike, and car programs. Ride Report allows users to manage policies and compliance, analyze historical travel patterns, track and invoice operators for fees, and more. Ride Report, which was acquired by INRIX last year, is currently being used by over 70 cities worldwide.
  • Finally, INRIX Road Rules is the first complete tool for cities and road authorities to easily digitize, manage and communicate the rules on the roadway, at the curb and on the sidewalk. Road Rules prepares agencies for safe and efficient deployment of the shared bikes and scooters, and mobility options of the future like autonomous vehicles with a verified digital rules layer, while also supporting advanced curb management use cases like occupancy and availability predictions when proposing rule changes.

“As we begin our 20th year as a company, we are thrilled to further expand our support for local agencies with access to innovative software-as-a-service solutions, datasets and insights that can help better manage the curbspace,” said Ahmed Darrat, General Manager of Public Sector. “With the most comprehensive Curb Data Specification-compliant dataset of policies and metrics derived from tens of millions of connected passenger and commercial vehicles, and shared mobility and mobile devices, INRIX looks forward to continued collaboration on ground-breaking cost-effective mobility data uses to help cities achieve their goals.” 

Recognizing that curb management is a strategy for local agencies to deliver on other agency goals (i.e. equity, safety, sustainability, efficiency, economic development, and public health), INRIX has also made several cloud-based, software-as-as-service (SaaS) applications available through the Sourcewell contract:

  • Safety View by GM Future Roads & INRIX provides comprehensive safety data together with sophisticated analytics tools to help safety professionals across all public agencies create more informed safety plans.
  • INRIX Signal Analytics uses connected device data to help transportation professionals identify and understand unnecessary delay at signalized intersections areawide – no hardware or fieldwork required.
  • INRIX Trip Analytics enables analysis of population movement such as vehicle path-of-travel, origin and destination zones, routes during on- and off-peak travel times, corridor usage by delivering data from moving vehicles accurately matched with road segment data.
  • INRIX Mission Control that combines traffic flow information with real-time roadway alerts across all road types to help transportation professionals gain unparalleled visibility into what’s happening on their roadways.
  • INRIX Roadway Analytics delivers on-demand, historic traffic data, analytics, and visualizations that can help agencies maximize mobility improvement efforts and minimize costs.

The INRIX cloud-based applications are significantly discounted and immediately available for licensing through this agreement. The INRIX Sourcewell contract will be active for a minimum of four years, with the total potential of seven years in total if all option periods are utilized. Learn more about Sourcewell and its contract with INRIX at and