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Kirkland, WA. – May 23, 2011 – INRIX®, a leading provider of traffic information and driving services, announced drivers can expect heavier than normal traffic congestion heading into Memorial Day weekend. With thousands of summer road construction projects already underway nationwide, INRIX predicts the heaviest traffic for 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon, 2 hours earlier than normal increasing driver’s trip time by up to 27 percent.
“Memorial Day weekend combined with an early start to a heavy summer construction season will create havoc for people trying to get out of town,” said Kevin Foreman, INRIX Vice President of Mobile Applications. “Whether you’re headed across town or cross-country this summer, our free INRIX Traffic mobile app is there to help you save time gas and money by avoiding the traffic.”
Today INRIX introduced several new time-saving features that help minimize frustrating delays caused by summer road construction, festivals and other seasonal events including:
• New! Comparative Traffic provides an instant view of daily traffic hot spots indicating you where conditions are substantially worse or better than normal along your route. A simple map interface shows you in real-time where traffic is worse than normal (black) or better than normal (light blue) helping drivers better gauge travel times.
• New! One-tap Reporting empowers our community of more than one million drivers with the ability to easily view and alert others to changes in traffic conditions. With just one tap, community members also can alert INRIX to slower than reported traffic speeds immediately correcting the traffic conditions shown in the app for the indicated road.
• New! Unlock from Me allows users to look beyond their current locations to see traffic conditions in other cities. Inspired by feedback from our community, this handy feature helps business and vacation traveler better plan their trips with the ability to see real-time traffic conditions and get traffic forecasts for any city across North America.

As one of the Top 10 most used navigation apps according to ComScore, INRIX Traffic uniquely helps drivers reduce the time they spend in traffic through a better understanding of current AND future traffic conditions. Covering more roads with greater accuracy than other apps, core benefits include:

• Reliable real-time traffic maps updated every minute covering more than one million miles of highways and city streets nationwide.
• Real-Time Insights into Crashes, Construction, and Other Traffic-Impacting events through Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network and our community traffic reporters. INRIX Traffic is the only app that informs drivers of major sporting events, summer festivals, concerts and other unique local events and their impact on traffic.
• Traffic Forecasts help drivers plan ahead seeing how conditions are predicted to change in the next 12 hours. Only INRIX analyzes real-time and historical data as well as other traffic-impacting factors such as weather, crashes, construction and local events to provide reliable predictions.
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Worst Memorial Day Travel Corridors
INRIX Traffic can help drivers navigate around some of the nation’s worst travel corridors as they head out Friday afternoon for the long Memorial Day Weekend including:
• Los Angeles: The entire I-405 Corridor in both directions from Wilshire Blvd. down to the I-5/1-405 interchange near Laguna Beach where the average trip will take up to 3x longer.
• New York: The I-95 (NE Thwy, Bruckner/Cross Bronx Expys) in both directions from the NJ Turnpike to Hutchinson River Pkwy where the average trip will take up to 3x longer.
• Chicago: The I-90/I-94 (Kennedy/Dan Ryan Expressway) in both directions from the Tri-State Tollway through downtown where the average trip will take up to 3x longer.
• Washington, D.C.: I-95 Southbound from I-395 to Russell Rd. where the average trip will take up to 3x longer.
• Dallas: I-35 W in both directions between Rosedale St. to the Hwy 287 Interchange where the average trip will take up to 2x longer.
INRIX Traffic is available now as a free download on the Apple App Store (, Amazon App Store for Android ( and the Android Market ( The app works with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices using iOSv3.0 and later, and is compatible with Android v.2.0 and later. To learn more about how to save time with INRIX Traffic, visit or follow our blog at

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