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INRIX Announces Dynamic Fuel Prices Service

Kirkland, Wash. – October 25, 2006 – Inrix, the leader in traffic data services, today announced the availability of Inrix Dynamic Fuel Prices, a new offering that features enhanced point of interest (POI) data for 140,000 gas stations and dynamic fuel price data for 100,000 stations in the U.S.. Inrix is providing the service exclusively in partnership with Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), the world’s most comprehensive source for petroleum pricing and news information.

The new Inrix Dynamic Fuel Prices service easily integrates with navigation and local search solutions to provide consumers and businesses with fuel price data by station for gasoline and diesel. The service, which is updated on an hourly basis, also includes enhanced POI data about gas stations such as the location, phone and brand of the station.

“Our customers asked us to provide a single source for dynamic traffic and fuel price information,” said Kush Parikh, Vice President of Business Development at Inrix. “The potential for fuel price savings and routing efficiencies across both commercial and consumer markets is significant.”

The American Trucking Association estimates that trucking industry fuel costs will surpass $100 billion in 2006 – a nearly 50% increase in the last three years. In the consumer market, the average 2-driver household now spends $4,132 on gas annually compared to $2620 last year.

Inrix Dynamic Fuel Prices allows navigation and local search solution providers to display or route to gas stations of a specific brand or product offering, such as stations that carry only diesel fuel, or to find the most affordable gas of a specific grade in any given area. Fleet management service providers can enable their customers to schedule the most efficient fuel station stops along a specific long haul route or determine the most efficient route.

Inrix will showcase its Dynamic Fuel Prices service at the American Trucking Association (ATA) annual conference in Dallas, Texas on October 28-30 in Tele Atlas booth # 214. Additional information on Inrix’s traffic and dynamic data services is available at

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