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INRIX Expands into Brazil Through Exclusive Traffic Partnership with MapLink

Kirkland, WA and São Paulo, Brazil – June 5, 2012 INRIX®, a leading provider of traffic information and driver services announced an exclusive partnership with MapLink, the leading provider of traffic and location-based services in Brazil.
In a country where an expanding middle class sends 9,000 new vehicles onto local roads every day, INRIX’s partnership with MapLink will provide Brazil with the most accurate real-time and predictive traffic services available at a time local drivers and governments need it most.
“Traffic congestion is one of Brazil’s biggest problems because the country’s infrastructure has not kept pace with its rapid economic growth,” said INRIX Senior Vice President of Business Development Kush Parikh. “It’s come to a point where gridlock on the country’s roads is stalling further economic growth at a time when they can least afford it.”
A traffic jam in Sao Paulo on May 23rd that created 452km (282,5 miles) of gridlock causing a 45 minute trip in traffic to take nearly 4 hours has renewed concerns over a possible breakdown on roads, airports, and communications systems when Brazil hosts the soccer World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016.
“São Paulo, Rio and other major cities throughout Brazil have some of the worst traffic congestion in the world,” said Frederico Hohagen, Founder and Sales Director of MapLink. “The combination of MapLink data and Web services domestically with INRIX‘s industry leading analytics will ensure we have the highest quality traffic information available to help industry and government address this taxing issue.”
INRIX will integrate MapLink’s data for more than 10,000km of highways, city streets and local roads into its traffic intelligence platform optimized for the delivery of next generation navigation and driver services applications in the car, online and on mobile devices. The partnership with MapLink furthers INRIX’s efforts to help in-car and mobile navigation app industry leaders deliver better services to their customers in the markets they serve.

About MapLink

MapLink is the Brazil’s leading Location Based Services and real-time traffic information provider. It’s highly skilled in routing for those willing to optimize their transportation systems. The MapLink Trânsito channel pictures traffic situation through interactive maps, images from cyclops and news about roads situation. MapLink maps are the most used to draw trips, find out addresses, gas stations, car parks and speed cameras, as well as climate information and toll.

With over 600 customers and partners and 20 of them consuming Traffic information incluiding IG, Folha, Sulamerica Trânsito, Elemidia, R7, TIM, Itau.

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