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INRIX Expands Collaboration Across Europe

Vienna, Austria – ITS World Congress – October 24, 2012 – INRIX®, a leading provider of traffic information and driver services, announced several collaborations with leading European departments of transport and local service providers to help governments streamline operations, pinpoint investments and deliver improved traveler services.
New INRIX collaborations announced at the 2012 ITS World Congress include:

• U.K. Highways Agency: In the world’s first use of private sector GPS Floating Vehicle Data (FVD) to help power daily operations and traveler information services for an entire country, INRIX is providing real-time traffic speed and travel time information for the Highways Agency’s National Traffic Information Service. The service covers 4,300 miles of motorways and major A-roads carrying one-third of all traffic and two-thirds of all freight in England.
• Bayerische Straßenbauverwaltung: The Bavarian Roads Administration is relying on INRIX to provide real-time traffic information during road work on three major motorways – the A9, A3 and A96 – scheduled for completion in July 2013. In collaboration with TraffGo, INRIX’s real-time traffic information is being used in daily operations and Bavaria’s Traveler Information Service Additionally, INRIX is collaborating with TraffGo to use INRIX FVD to measure sensor health across the [entire] freeway network in the states of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia regions.
• ASFINAG: INRIX is partnering with Austria’s leading traffic provider to integrate its real-time flow and incident data into INRIX’s traffic services. In addition to benefitting INRIX automaker customers like Audi, , INRIX’s crowd-sourcing and data analytics expertise combined with ASFINAG’s traffic and incident information provides Austrian departments of transport with a powerful platform for reducing the cost of daily operations while delivering better traveler information services.
“INRIX provides transportation agencies with a model for how to cost-effectively improve daily operations to better serve the people and businesses depending on it,” said Rick Schuman, Vice President and GM of Public Sector, INRIX. “INRIX collaboration across the public and private sectors shows that data and insight exists today for improving urban mobility worldwide.”
INRIX offers traffic information today for more than one million kilometers of roads in 21 European countries. This growth is a result of a network effect that expands coverage and boosts quality as INRIX’s customer collaborations grow worldwide. In the last year, INRIX has extended the reach of its services through relationships with automakers and mobile navigation app providers worldwide including Audi, BMW, Garmin, Telmap and Toyota.

During the 2012 ITS World Congress, at the following locations, INRIX and many of its public and private sector partners will be demonstrating how the company’s European traffic services are helping governments transform the way they manage their road networks and help drivers reduce the time, fuel and money they waste idle in traffic including:

• BMW Group: C10
• Bosch: A20
• INRIX: B71
• GEWI: P18
• Mouchel: D71
• Siemens: E10
• PTV: P4
• Toyota: A51

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