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INRIX Expands Real-Time Traffic Flow Coverage to 73 U.S. Markets & 47,000 Miles of Road

Kirkland, Wash. – December 5, 2006 – Inrix, Inc., the leading provider of traffic information, today announced the immediate availability of the largest real-time traffic flow data network in the U.S., covering over 47,000 miles of road in 73 metropolitan markets.

This dramatic expansion in coverage is enabled by the latest release of the company’s next generation platform, the Inrix Traffic Fusion Engine. Using sophisticated statistical techniques and proprietary error correction technology, the Inrix Traffic Fusion Engine intelligently combines real-time information aggregated from the hundreds of data sources in the Inrix Smart Dust Network.

The Inrix Smart Dust Network provides the first scalable approach to enabling ubiquitous, high quality, real-time traffic information. Leveraging traffic-related data from the world’s largest GPS-enabled probe network of over 625,000 vehicles as well as the best available regional information from road sensors, toll tag readers and numerous other data sources, Inrix delivers the broadest nationwide coverage with unparalleled accuracy.

“Our unparalleled market coverage and dedication to data accuracy significantly enhances the value proposition and navigation experience for consumers, enterprises and fleet customers,” said Bryan Mistele, President and CEO of Inrix.

Inrix now provides real-time speed data for more than double the metropolitan areas and over five times the amount of road miles than the next leading traffic information provider. With its unique approach, Inrix is able to provide speed information in metropolitan areas with limited or no traditional road sensors such as Cleveland, OH; Hartford, CT; Knoxville, TN; Tampa, FL; Tucson, AZ; and dozens of others.

In metropolitan markets with existing road sensors, the Inrix Traffic Fusion Engine significantly improves the quality of the information and extends the flow reporting to many additional miles of roads. Examples of enhanced Inrix market coverage leveraging the fusion of probe data and traditional road sensors include 1252 road miles in Boston, MA; 1811 road miles in Chicago, IL; 804 miles in San Francisco, CA; 798 road miles in Seattle, WA; and 1450 road miles in Washington, D.C.. A complete list of Inrix markets and coverage maps, classified using the industry standard Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs), are available at

A recent navigation market report by C.J. Driscoll and Associates validates the importance of quality traffic coverage for consumers. “The rapid increase in market adoption of personal, mobile and in-car navigation solutions is converging with a monumental shift in the coverage and quality of relevant traffic information,” said Clem Driscoll, founding partner of market research firm C.J. Driscoll and Associates. “In our navigation survey of over 4000 consumers, we saw strong interest and willingness to pay for traffic information services. Over 60% of consumers identified information on traffic conditions as a requested feature in an installed or portable GPS vehicle navigation system or in a cell phone based navigation service.”

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