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DETROIT, MI – ITS World Congress – September 8, 2014 – INRIX, Inc., a leading international provider of real-time traffic information, transportation analytics and connected driver services, introduced several new tools that helps transportation agencies monitor traffic conditions for six times more roads in real-time and to receive earlier notification of crashes, unplanned road closures and other traffic congestion-causing events.

INRIX XD Monitoring can provide real-time insight into traffic speeds, travel times and the location of back-ups for every major road type and class from highways, ramps and interchanges to arterials, city streets and other secondary roads. INRIX XD Monitoring is available as a low-cost subscription upgrade to the INRIXTraffic.US and INRIXTraffic.EU sites used by thousands of transportation professionals in 14 countries. With detailed traffic speeds every 250 meters (800 feet) across 1.8 million centerline miles of road in 33 countries, the INRIX XD Monitoring site delivers better insight in daily operations meeting new regulatory requirements for real-time monitoring of road conditions in the U.S. and Europe.

“By leveraging an unprecedented volume of data from connected cars, trucks and smartphones, our services are helping transportation professionals gain extremely detailed insight into what’s happening on every road in real-time,” said Vice President of Product & Market Development Scott Sedlik, INRIX. “Via public-private partnerships with INRIX, agencies can now deliver truly intelligent transportation systems using our unique and cost effective technologies and approach to scaling traffic operations.”

Key benefits of upgrading to INRIX XD Monitoring include:

• More Roads and Interchanges: Covers six times the roads including thousands of additional interchanges and ramps, hundreds of thousands of miles of secondary roads as well as new roads without TMC coverage.

• Better Precision: INRIX XD Segments and sub-segment viewing options provide greatly increased granularity for queue detection as compared to TMC code coverage.

• Comparative Speed View: Optional map view that highlights locations where traffic is much slower than expected for the current time/day, identifying trouble spots at a glance.

• Traffic Cameras: An optional layer to add CCTV images from thousands of cameras in 19 countries where INRIX partner Vizzion has access to and aggregates CCTV feeds.

Customers who upgrade to INRIX XD Monitoring continue to receive all the benefits of the current INRIXTraffic.US and INRIX Traffic.EU sites including consistently high quality data, map auto-refresh, clickable segment details, and other features streamlined for use by traffic operations professionals.

INRIX Incident Reportor: Faster, Better Insight

INRIX also introduced at ITS World Congress a new tool that streamlines transportation agency incident monitoring, response and reporting efforts. As the perfect complement to the enhanced INRIX monitoring sites, INRIX Incident Reporter allows agencies to detect, create, monitor and manage incidents and provides the following benefits

• Faster Incident Detection: Through sophisticated analysis of anomalies in traffic flows, real-time crowd-sourced reports from mobile app users and a variety of other sources, INRIX Incident Reporter can provide advance notifications of crashes, unplanned road closures and other traffic causing delays enabling agencies to keep drivers informed and safe on their roadways.

• Access Detailed Incident Information: INRIX analyzes incident information with traffic flow data to provide unique insight into the impact of the incident including queue length and location, delay from typical traffic conditions and free flow and the average speed of traffic through the impacted area.

• Validate, Edit, Publish and Clear Incident Information Faster: When integrated with existing agency incident feeds, INRIX Incident Reporter offers a variety of single-click editing tools and on-the-fly validation to streamline incident creation and enhance productivity.

• Consistent Incident Data Output: Preconfigured standards, integrated data validation and flexible outputs, ensure incident data consistency across all operations and externally on VMS Signs, mobile apps, Web sites and 511 services.

INRIX Incident Reporter is available today in 9 countries with availability in Austria, Switzerland, Dubai and Kuwait planned by the end of the year.

The company will be demonstrating INRIX XD Monitoring in INRIXTraffic.US and INRIXTraffic.EU as well as INRIX Incident Reporter and a series of other connected car and smart cities products and services in Booth 601 at ITS World Congress in Detroit,September 8-11, 2014.

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