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Atlanta – November 20, 2013 – INRIX, the leading provider of traffic information and driver services announced at Telematics for Fleet Management USA that GPS North America and Contigo Systems are adopting INRIX Driver Analytics.
INRIX Driver Analytics helps fleets reduce fuel and liability costs comparing driver behavior to the actual travel conditions encountered by the fleet vehicle at the specified date, time and location on the road network.

“It is crucial for fleets to gain immediate insight into driver performance based on actual driving conditions. This reduces fuel consumption and liability costs through early notification of unsafe driver behavior,” said Lindsay Ryerson, President and CEO, Contigo. “Since speeding is associated with a high percentage of driver crashes, INRIX Driver Analytics provides our fleet customers with the ability to monitor driver performance in real-time and address unsafe driver behavior before it’s too late.”

Added GPS North America President Todd Lewis, “We’re excited to offer the INRIX driver analytics suite of services to our existing and new customers. The information provided paints a very easy to understand picture of whether a driver is operating their vehicle safely, giving the fleet manager or business owner a chance to correct the behavior before a costly or serious crash.”
Through GPS North America, Contigo Systems and several other providers, INRIX Driver Analytics delivers insight for more than 400,000 fleet vehicles in North America. Key INRIX Driver Analytics benefits include:
• Detect excessive driver speeds and behavior patterns
• Monitor fuel consumption relative to traffic conditions
• Alert dispatchers to traffic conditions and effects on ETA’s
• Lower insurance premiums and infraction penalties
INRIX Driver Analytics is a web-based service API that accepts GPS telematics data and returns information about the road the fleet vehicle was traveling on; including posted speeds, road class, current traffic speed and abnormal congestion. The service is available in the United States, Canada and Mexico as well as 38 countries in Europe.
More than 400,000 commercial vehicles rely on INRIX Driver Analytics today to help improve driver safety and lower fuel and crash costs.

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