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INRIX Triples Real-Time Traffic Flow Coverage in North America to Over 160,000 Miles

INRIX®, the leading provider of traffic information in North America, today announced that it has nearly tripled its coverage of real-time traffic information from 55,000 miles to over 160,000 miles across North America during peak commute hours. As part of the expansion, INRIX has extended its coverage in Canada to include Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa and now delivers real-time traffic-flow data to over 250 million people across 126 metropolitan North American markets.

Leveraging real-time GPS reports from over one million commercial and consumer vehicles and devices, INRIX delivers the broadest and most accurate traffic information on freeways, highways, interstates and major arterial roads. The expanded real-time flow data is now available to INRIX customers and partners via INRIX Connected Services.

“Our unique collaborative approach with GPS data suppliers and our crowd-sourced data fusion technologies allow INRIX to accelerate additional road coverage of real-time traffic information while maintaining an exceptionally high degree of data quality,” said Bryan Mistele, INRIX president and CEO. “By continuously improving overall data accuracy, we help our customers deliver intelligent routing decisions that save time, fuel and vehicle wear and tear.”

While other traffic information providers use a mix of historical and real-time data in an attempt to simulate real-time nationwide traffic coverage, INRIX provides true nationwide real-time information by blending real-time road sensor data with billions of real-time data points from GPS-enabled commercial and consumer devices in taxis, service vehicles, airport shuttle services, cars and long haul trucks. INRIX’s pioneering technical collaborations with commercial fleet management companies, consumer device OEMs, and location-based service developers has resulted in increasing the “speed vector” data reporting frequency from individual devices and vehicles, along with other initiatives that improve the overall accuracy of every report containing the vehicle’s speed, location, heading, ignition status and other variables. This unique approach has enabled INRIX to achieve the highest level of true real-time flow coverage in the industry.

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