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INRIX TV App Transforms Broadcast Traffic News

Las Vegas – National Association of Broadcasters Show – April 8, 2013 – INRIX, a leading international provider of traffic information and driver services, introduced INRIX TV, a new application for television news stations worldwide that uses “Big Data” and the latest mobile technologies to transform how broadcasters gather information and report traffic news.

INRIX TV is an iPad app that enables broadcasters to tap into one of the largest traffic information networks in the world to quickly gather information and to easily create, edit and broadcast visually compelling and highly accurate traffic news reports.

“Any reporter can use INRIX TV to quickly get high quality content on the air whenever traffic is making the news,” said Nick Simmons, vice president and general manager, INRIX media. “INRIX TV combines powerful traffic news gathering tools with the ease of an app that helps broadcasters provide better insight while reducing the cost and complexity of delivering traffic content.”

INRIX TV results from over a decade of experience collaborating with the BBC and other news organizations to deliver traffic news. INRIX TV provides broadcasters with the opportunity to go beyond what viewers can expect on their daily commute to provide them with unique insight into the traffic impacts of a major storm, crash or sporting event. INRIX TV features include:

• Best-in-Class Traffic Content Powered by Big Data: INRIX TV analyzes real-time data from a variety of public and private traffic sources ranging from government road sensors and real-time traffic speeds crowd-sourced from millions of vehicles and mobile devices throughout the day to provide reporters with detailed insight into traffic speeds and travel times for highways, interstates, city streets and other heavily travelled local roads. Through a simple to use interface, INRIX TV provides broadcasters with one source for:
o Real-time traffic speeds and traffic maps;
o Detailed incident information including crash, construction and road closure reports from local officials as well as other traffic-impacting events like concerts and major sporting events;
o Travel times for key routes;
o Traffic camera feeds; and
o Eyewitness reports from Twitter feeds.
• Easy to Use Report Creation, Editing and Production Tools: INRIX TV replaces the time journalists spend scouring multiple sites with a complete picture of traffic conditions in one application. Creating a broadcast-quality traffic report with INRIX TV is as easy as creating an iMovie film – once reporters have built a report template within the INRIX TV app, content automatically populates, enabling them to simply “drag and drop” traffic maps, graphics and other powerful visual elements into their segments. The INRIX TV app includes direct output capabilities to mixing desks as well as components for easily integrating eyewitness reports via social media directly into new broadcasts.
• Monetize Traffic News: Available to evaluate as a free download from the Apple App Store, stations may purchase a license to access INRIX traffic information content to create traffic reports using the INRIX TV App for use in their broadcasts. Since they are paying only for traffic content, they can monetize advertising inventory around traffic news reports for themselves.
• Reduced Costs Lower Barriers to Entry: Unlike legacy traffic systems requiring stations to buy expensive hardware that is difficult to scale, INRIX TV provides broadcasters of all sizes the ability to deliver traffic news easily by scaling their use of the applications to connect with any news production platform, broadcast facility or desired coverage area.

INRIX TV is part of the INRIX Digital Media Suite offering that includes INRIX Radio, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application designed specifically for the radio broadcast industry that intelligently integrates both traffic incident and cause data to enable the production of customized traffic news stories across Europe and North America. For additional information on INRIX TV and the INRIX Digital Media Suite, visit

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