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Signal Performance Measures 201 – Uses & Benefits

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Experts From INRIX Discuss the Benefits of Signal Performance Measures and How Agencies Can Take Advantage of Them

The performance of traffic signal networks is best evaluated using a calculated series of key metrics. Public agencies optimize their networks when they build strategies around signal performance measures (SPM).

Experts from INRIX continue to unpack signal performance measures, why they matter, and how agencies can take advantage. This is the second installment of our new Signal Performance Measures Webinar Series, during which we will cover the uses of SPM: how they are currently being used, why they are popular amongst engineers, real use cases that demonstrate value, and how they are continuing to be improved. The session will provide the conceptual use cases of signal performance measures and real-life examples from around the county.

What You’ll Learn

    • Deeper understanding of the difference between infrastructure-based and cloud-based SPMs
    • How agencies can leverage systemwide signal performance measures.
    • Understand real use-cases for proactive signal management
    • How INRIX Signal Analytics helps agencies account for the most important SPM virtually


Steve Remias
Head of Product Strategy, Signal Analytics at INRIX
Shaun Quayle
Senior Traffic Signal & Safety Engineer at INRIX

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