On-Demand Webinar: Transportation Spending is About to Jump: Find Out What it Means for You

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Learn how the newly passed $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill will shape state and local planning for the next five years and what it means for you.

Congress just passed landmark legislation that will dedicate more than $1.2 trillion dollars in funding for the nation’s infrastructure. Included in the bill’s $550 billion in new spending is a significant investment in transportation that includes, but isn’t limited to, new and updated grant programs for states and localities and directives to the US Department of Transportation.

The passage of this measure signals an updated approach to addressing and improving the nation’s transportation infrastructure. States and localities will have dozens of new opportunities to both solicit funds and explore new and innovative ways to address some of the nation’s most pressing challenges regarding mobility, the environment and the overall efficacy of our nation’s transportation ecosystem.

This free webinar will feature analysis of the newly passed bill, and attendees will not only learn what’s included in the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act, but also the many ways that states and localities can take advantage of what’s on the horizon for surface transportation.

What You’ll Learn

  • What’s included in the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act for transportation.
  • Ways in which the $550 billion in new spending may make its way to states and localities.
  • How states and localities can prepare to take advantage of new and expanded discretionary funding opportunities.

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