INRIX Traffic is making it easier than ever to get there on time.   Rest assured before you even check the app over breakfast, we’re watching the traffic so we can give you a heads up on when you need to leave. With the latest version of INRIX Traffic, Android and iOS users can set custom Departure Alerts for saved destinations and receive timely alerts with when to leave, estimated travel time and any traffic incidents along the way.

Departure Alerts can be set for any one of your Places—simply choose the route, select the day(s) you want to receive alerts, and enter the time you want to arrive at your destination. Voilà! Your day is off to a great start.

Meeting a friend or coworker at a particular location? Share your INRIX Arrival Time with a few simple taps.

Upgrade to the latest version of the app now and let us know what you think of Departure Alerts by leaving a comment on our Facebook page.