INRIX has released two powerful new Movement Analytics datasets that help retailers, especially Quick Service Restaurants, take the guesswork out of new site selection.

– INRIX Volume: the industry’s first dayparted vehicle traffic counts
– INRIX Trips: anonymous destinations and waypoints of millions of daily driver trips

Together INRIX Volume and Trips allow retailers to better understand the “Who, What, Where, How and When” of customer behavior for each new candidate site. These datasets are the result over 300 million anonymous GPS signals that INRIX analyzes from connected cars, commercial vehicles and mobile devices. Let’s look at each roadway traffic dataset in turn. 

INRIX Volume: Industry First Day-Parted Vehicle Traffic Counts
With the release of INRIX Volume, retailers now have access to three industry-first features: Recency, Directionality and Day-Parts

– Recency: INRIX Volume data is from the year 2013 or newer. Retailers no longer have to vector off decade-old AADT (Average Annual Daily Traffic) data.
– Directionality: INRIX Volume data is by direction. Right hand turns are easy and left hand turns are hard. Retailers want easy access and prefer to have a better understanding of the number of vehicles that have right-hand access to their parking lots.
– Day-Parted: For the first time, vehicle traffic counts are available in 15 min buckets by time of day and day of week. INRIX segments out late-afternoon, early-evening and weekend traffic.

INRIX Trips: Anonymous GPS Data Points that Provide Origins, Destinations and Paths
With the release of INRIX Trips, retailers now have access to data that takes the guess work out of Trade Area Zone creation. As we know, customers don’t travel in a 10 mile radii.  Natural and man-made barriers ease and restrict traffic flows.  With the release of INRIX Trips, retailers have access to the raw underlying anonymous GPS data points of millions of trips per day that highlight the origins and paths that customer really take to each of your candidate sites. Further, by snapping the origin lat/longs to 3rd party demographics packages, now you can know who will actually be your customers to take the risk out of your ROI calculations.

INRIX Trips data provides a persistent provider ID to allow for the inclusion or exclusion of certain types of vehicle classes (e.g. semi tucks) as well as the lat/longs of the origins, destinations and waypoints of millions of trips per day within the INRIX network.

INRIX Platform Partners: Build Your Own or License a Ready Build Solution
If you build your own internal site selection tools or if you license from industry-leading providers, INRIX has you covered.

The news of Movement Analytics has spread fast and we already have four of the industry’s leading site selection platform providers leveraging INRIX data: