Much to the dismay of many Local Authorities, the UK government has announced that the £690 million of the £1.3 billion set aside from the National Productivity Investment Fund to tackle congestion will be made available through competitive funding.

The UK’s Local Government Association said in its recent Budget briefing: ‘Competitive bidding is a time-consuming process and does little to provide certainty of funding needed to attract additional private sector investment or plan vital roads infrastructure in the long-term.’

With the first £490 million allocations available from Autumn 2017, Local Authorities in the UK may be worrying about how they will find the time and resources to prepare winning bids in time. For a limited period, INRIX is offering to help cities in their bid preparation by providing our roadway performance insights without charge. Let INRIX help you secure funding to help you tackle congestion in your city. Contact us now to find out more.

Our recent partnership with the City of York is a great example of how this works in practice. As a key partner in the City of York’s successful bid for £300,000 from the UK Department for Transport’s £2 million Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems scheme, we helped the team to estimate the project’s value for money.

INRIX Roadway Analytics allows councils to estimate the impact of congestion on their citizens and businesses, benchmark their roads and congestion against other competitor cities, and estimate the benefits of tackling congestion.

During the City of York project INRIX real-time traffic data will be used to optimize traffic light phasing, and afterward, INRIX Roadway Analytics will be used to evaluate the program. INRIX can partner with cities to offer end-to-end support for successful congestion relief funding.

But that’s just the start, as INRIX can help to produce tailor-made insights for individual cases. Made up of a unique set of on-demand tools for analytics and visualizations, our solution allows users to perform analysis and create reports and communication materials to convey information and recommendations to agency and political decision-makers, drivers, and the general public.

Want to know where your traffic hotspots are and how they compare with other cities? Want to quantify the benefit to be gained through new road investments as part of a value for money assessment? Or do you need to perform a before and after evaluation of a new road project to demonstrate the success of your project? INRIX Roadway Analytics can help produce tailor-made insights.

The best way to understand the power that INRIX Roadway Analytics offers is to sign up for a free trial or see INRIX Roadway Analytics in action.