The quest for safer roads is an ongoing challenge that demands innovative solutions and a proactive approach. Almost 2 years ago, INRIX and GM Future Roads introduced Safety View, a groundbreaking tool designed to help transportation agencies and consultants get the insights needed to achieve their Vision Zero goals. This blog explores the transformative potential of Safety View, emphasizing its role in adopting a proactive approach to road safety analysis, and its alignment with the Safe Streets for All (SS4A) program and Vision Zero initiatives.

A Special Offer for SS4A Applicants:

Elevate Your SS4A Application with Complimentary Safety Analytics

Pittsburgh Safety Data SheetIn an effort to further support the mission of the USDOT Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) program, INRIX, is proud to announce a promotional offer designed to empower applicants with the data and insights necessary to strengthen their applications. This initiative underscores our commitment to enhancing road safety and supports agencies in their quest to secure funding for safety planning or implementation projects.

We understand the critical role that comprehensive data plays in articulating the need for safety improvements and meeting the stringent requirements for SS4A grant applications. To aid in this process, we invite entities applying for the SS4A program to request complimentary safety analysis data sheet provided by Safety View.

Safety View offers an array of risk factors for all roadway types across the United States, delivering a unique perspective on systemic safety needs within any jurisdiction. By leveraging this data, applicants can present a compelling case for their proposed safety initiatives, highlighting the urgent need for interventions and the potential impact of their projects.

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The Importance of the Safe Streets for All Program

The SS4A program, initiated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, aims to provide municipalities with the financial resources needed to adopt a Safe System Approach. This approach is foundational in preventing crashes and mitigating their impacts, supported by six core pillars:

  1. Death and serious injuries are unacceptable.
  2. Humans make mistakes.
  3. Humans are vulnerable.
  4. Responsibility is shared.
  5. Safety is proactive.
  6. Redundancy is crucial.

These principles guide municipalities in creating safer road environments, emphasizing the importance of anticipating and preventing accidents through a holistic and inclusive approach to road safety. Safety View aligns perfectly with these principles, offering a data-driven pathway to safer roads. By providing detailed, actionable data, Safety View enables cities to pinpoint areas of concern, assess potential risks, and implement strategic interventions that are aligned with the Safe System Approach, ultimately contributing to the creation of safer road environments for all users.

How Safety View Supports Vision Zero and SS4A Objectives

Vision Zero’s commitment to eliminating road fatalities echoes through the platform’s capabilities, which empower agencies to move beyond traditional crash data and focus on preventing crashes before they happen. By harnessing the power of connected vehicle data and predictive analytics, Safety View allows for the early identification of potential hazards, from risky intersections to dangerous stretches of road where vulnerable users are at increased risk. This ability to anticipate and address safety concerns before they escalate into incidents is a game-changer, aligning with the proactive principles of the Safe System Approach and Vision Zero initiatives.

Safety View provides a solid, data-driven foundation crucial for adopting a Safe System Approach. This innovative platform, featuring access to True Near-Miss information along with a plethora of other safety-related data sets, can play an instrumental role in guiding public agencies towards adopting proactive safety measures. By leveraging the comprehensive insights offered by Safety View, agencies can identify potential hazards and high-risk areas with unprecedented precision. This enables the implementation of targeted safety interventions tailored to the specific dynamics of each road segment or intersection.

Vision Zero Data- Insights that Safety View Provides:

For transportation agencies and consultants, Safety View is more than just a tool; it’s a gateway to a wealth of actionable data that can dramatically transform the way road safety is approached. The platform’s ground-breaking True Near-Miss detection feature sets a new standard in safety analysis. By identifying instances where advanced driver assistance systems (adas) have intervened to prevent collisions, agencies can now proactively identify high-risk areas with unprecedented accuracy, allowing for the implementation of targeted safety measures before accidents occur.

This proactive capability is complemented by a suite of additional data sets that can help pinpoint areas to focus on for safety improvement projects. This information can be used to conduct in-depth studies on intersection safety, mid-block risks, bike lane vulnerabilities, and more, offering tailored recommendations that directly address the unique safety challenges of each project.


Comprehensive Data Sets Include:

  • True Near Miss Detection: An industry first innovation that indicates where an Advanced Driver Assist System has been activated to avoid a crash. Allowing you to proactively identify where roads and corridors are potentially dangerous.
  • Risky Maneuvers: Highlights clusters of hard acceleration, hard braking, and hard cornering.
  • Speed Distribution Profile: Understanding how vehicle speeds vary by time of day on roadway segments is crucial for analyzing crash rates. The Speed Distribution Profile provides this valuable data, allowing for an assessment of how speed may be contributing to unsafe conditions.
  • Vulnerable Road User Index: With the Vulnerable Road User Index, Safety View shines a light on the relative presence of pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-motorists on roads and corridors. This feature is vital for creating strategies to protect these more vulnerable groups from harm.
  • GM Risk Score: This data set leverages aggregated and anonymized connected vehicle data to offer insights into the level of risk present on specific road segments. By understanding the risk profile of areas, agencies can prioritize interventions where they are needed most.
  • FARS & Agency Crash Data: Fatalities data with crash mode, severity, type, and contributing factors help identify roadway segments that may need attention.
  • Traffic Volumes Data: Sourced from mobile and connected vehicles, Volume Data is aggregated over an entire quarter, presenting accurate daily or hourly traffic volumes. This information is essential for effective traffic management and for understanding the impact of volume on road safety.
  • Demographic Details: Census block group level demographic data can help practitioners start to understand the road network through an equity lens by comparing crash data with US Census information.

Insights to Gain A New Perspective on Safety Issues

Safety View introduces a paradigm shift in addressing road safety issues, moving beyond traditional metrics and analyses to embrace a more nuanced, data-driven approach. By combining diverse data sets, including the pioneering True Near Miss detection feature, Safety View offers a holistic view of the road safety landscape. This comprehensive perspective allows consultants and agencies to understand not just the where and when of accidents, but also the why, enabling the development of more effective, targeted safety interventions.

The platform’s data sets offer insights into a range of critical safety factors, from the behaviors of drivers and the presence of vulnerable road users to the specifics of traffic flow and speed patterns. This information is invaluable for identifying underlying risk factors and designing interventions that address the root causes of safety issues, rather than merely responding to their outcomes. Through this proactive approach, Safety View is helping to build a safer future on the roads, one data point at a time.

Transitioning from Reactive to Proactive with Safety View

The traditional reactive approach to road safety, which focuses on addressing issues after they have occurred, is increasingly recognized as insufficient. Safety View represents a significant leap forward, enabling a proactive strategy that identifies and mitigates risks before they result in accidents. This shift is not just about improving safety metrics; it’s about changing the culture around road safety, from one that reacts to tragedies to one that prevents them.

By facilitating a shift from a reactive to a proactive approach in road safety management, Safety View supports public agencies in moving beyond traditional accident data analysis. Instead, it empowers them to focus on preventing crashes before they happen. This proactive approach is essential for achieving the long-term goal of safer roads for all users, offering a pathway to significantly reduce, if not eliminate, road fatalities and serious injuries.

Safety View thus empowers agencies to make informed decisions that prioritize the well-being of all road users, setting a new standard for safety management.

How to Request A Free Safety Analysis Data Sheet:

Pittsburgh Safety Data Sheet

By incorporating our comprehensive analytics into your application, you can effectively demonstrate the necessity and potential efficacy of your proposed safety projects, aligning with the SS4A program’s objectives to create safer streets and roads for all.

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This offer is a testament to the partnership between INRIX and GM Future Roads and our shared dedication to advancing road safety initiatives. Don’t miss this opportunity to bolster your SS4A grant application with cutting-edge data and insights from Safety View.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the quest for safer roads and communities.