Driving from point A to B is only part of the journey. Today, INRIX launched an industry-first navigation technology to help drivers finally conquer the last mile.

INRIX Parking Path™ combines real-time traffic, incident, and parking data to guide drivers along the fastest route to find available parking. This exciting new feature helps automakers simplify the last mile for drivers by incorporating parking into the entire navigation experience saving customers time and frustration.

An Essential Part of Every Driver’s Journey:
Parking Is A Painful, But Necessary Component of Driving

Traditional car navigation relies on using real-time traffic information to guide drivers along the fastest route to their destination. This works great for getting drivers from point A to point B, but a critical piece of the navigation puzzle is missing: PARKING!

Nothing is worse than arriving at an event on time, only to end up being late when you can’t find parking. In the U.S., U.K. and Germany, drivers wasted 17, 44 and 41 hours a year searching for parking respectively, costing an estimated $72.7 billion, £23.3 billion and €40.4 billion a year. (INRIX Research, Parking Study 2017)

Drivers typically don’t start searching for parking until they arrive at their destination, circling the block several times, hoping a parking space opens up. Drivers naturally want to park closest to their destination, causing unnecessary traffic while they search that also leads to an uneven distribution of available parking spaces.

INRIX Parking Path™ Completes The Navigation Experience:
Optimized Routing. Simplified Parking. Happier Drivers.

A recent INRIX survey found that 90 percent of drivers want the ability to navigate directly to a parking space, and more than 75 percent want a parking solution integrated in their navigation system and/or navigation app. With INRIX Parking Path™, drivers will save time, money, and frustration by being guided along the fastest path to find parking, minimizing both drive- time and walk-time.

  • Parking Search Time Reduced: Enables drivers to take the fastest route to find available on-and off-street parking
  • Optimized Routing: Optimizes driving route to minimize both drive-time and walk-time.
  • Parking Simplified: Gives drivers the ability to find best parking based on price, proximity & availability.

How It Works:
High Quality Data Combined with Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

By combining industry-leading traffic, incident and parking availability data with machine learning and predictive analytics, INRIX is able to efficiently guide drivers to open parking spots.

When drivers are approaching their destination INRIX pulls real-time data to calculate the best path to take to find parking that minimizes both drive time, walk time and the cost of parking. Drivers will also have a more accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) that incorporates parking search time.

INRIX Parking Path is available immediately to automakers and app developers in select US, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Russia, and Norway cities. More cities/countries are planned to be supported in the near future.

Download our brochure to learn more or contact us at busdev@inrix.com.