Good news everyone.

We’ve actively listened to your feedback (via and and made several great improvements to the just released INRIX Traffic v4.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.  Download and enjoy.

The largest improvements are:  i) Allowing members to find the fastest route and INRIX Arrival Times to Home and Work, without having the need to authenticate their devices, ii) Optimizing the PIN authorization process when members want account portability to their other devices, iii) A new Share your INRIX Arrival Time on the Route Map screen, iv) Improvements to the address lookup process in Europe, v) Defaulting to maximizing your route view, to show you your entire route, vi) Many smaller bug fixes including a parking brake issue for Pioneer AppRadio2 owners and an incorrect upgrade message when checking for previous purchases.  Bottom line: INRIX Traffic v4.1 is a must have update for anyone who travels to home and work on a regular basis.

Let me show you just a few of these features:

1) Fastest route and Arrival Times without authenticating device:

With INRIX Traffic v4.1 now members do NOT need to authorize their devices to enjoy the benefits of finding their fastest route to home and work as well as determine their actual arrival times.  Several members where confused with v4 and we very much appreciate the feedback and passion of our community.   Authentication is still required when members want to share their personal data (home address, work address, etc.) across their iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.    Note:  we take your privacy very seriously.  We are working with privacy watch guard TRUSTe to certify our app, as one of the very few apps that meets their high bar of privacy.




2) Share Your INRIX Arrival Time from the Route Page:

One of the best features of INRIX Traffic, IMO, is the ability to quickly and safely share your actual arrival time, based on the industry’s best real-time traffic conditions… something we call “INRIX Arrival Times”.  With v4.1, you can share your INRIX Arrival Times with your family and colleagues from BOTH the Places page and now the Route Page.  No longer do you need to go back to the Places page to resend your very latest arrival times.   Your family and colleagues will appreciate knowing your arrival time, so they can maximize their time while waiting for you.


3) Automatically Maximizing Your Route:

At INRIX, we understand the difference between navigating to places you know how to get to (e.g. Home and Work) and navigating to places you don’t know how to get to (e.g. that unfamiliar coffee shop).  This difference is why people need traffic 2/day and Turn-by-turn navigation 2/week.  When navigating to home and work, people want to see the entire route and its associated traffic, not the first 300 yards.  Question:  Do you really need the first six steps to navigate out of your neighborhood?  No.  Therefore with INRIX Traffic v4.1, we automatically zoom to maximize your entire route(s).  It means less tapping of the screen which is safer and less frustrating for all of us.

Enjoy the new INRIX Traffic v4.1 and remember to have your friends and colleagues install the app and join our nearly 100 million strong driving community as we all help each other avoid the traffic and frustration.




Kevin Foreman, VP Mobile Applications,