GUEST POST: Amy Lopez, Director, Sales and Business Development Public Sector Eastern Region

This summer both Massachusetts Department of Transportation and Rhode Island Division of Statewide Planning joined the I-95 Corridor Coalition’s Vehicle Probe Project (VPP).

The VPP enables member agencies to monitor and manage their transportation network, provide accurate information to their users, and assess network performance. INRIX has provided services under its VPP contracts for over a decade.


Through the VPP, these agencies now have access to INRIX data and the CATT Lab Probe Data Analytics (PDA) Suite that provide tremendous capabilities to evaluate system performance in support of planning, operations, research and other activities.


INRIX and The CATT Lab have a long-standing partnership to develop cutting-edge analytics for customers. The PDA uses INRIX probe vehicle data fused with other agency transportation data to provide a true “big data” analytics platform. This data is then leveraged by over ten different apps to generate actionable data summaries, maps, graphs, charts and unique visualizations for detailed analyses and reporting. Clear, concise and easy-to-understand results are perfect for publishing press releases for public and media consumption.


The use cases for this powerful combination of INRIX Trip Report Origin-Destination Data, Real-Time and Archived Traffic Data, and the PDA are almost limitless and include understanding population movement, recurring congestion and bottlenecks, improving work zone safety, quantifying the impact of incidents and events, measuring the impact of network upgrades on safety, measuring the impacts of signal re-timing, optimizing commercial freight routes, track trends for decision making, and much more.