Smart phones, watches, homes, cars, cities. Tech is ushering us into the land of the “smarter,” where by definition we’ll be able to live among various smart devices, each seamlessly connected to one another. Beyond augmented intelligence, however, what’s really at the heart of this new existence are enhanced, more impactful experiences, enabled by products that support how we want to live – products that improve our daily lives.


On June 3, we will announce a new connected car service that powers a more intelligent — and more gratifying — driving experience, as it solves one of the most frustrating tasks for drivers. The first automaker to partner with us and bring this service to drivers across the US will join us at Telematics Automotive Detroit, where we’ll offer a demo of the experience in a vehicle.


The service further solves a critical urban mobility challenge that our CEO, Bryan Mistele, will address during his keynote at the event. In the not-so-distant future, the connected car will go hand in hand with smarter, more connected cities. We are helping to shape that network.


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