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We have all the data you need to get people from point-a to point-b, and everything in between.




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Our automotive grade content and solutions will give your users a premium experience.




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With coverage all over the world, you can build the same user-experience for users from Hamburg to Virginia.


Our mobility data and insights make products more accurate, useful and ultimately, more sticky.

As more products in our lives become connected, we are becoming more dependent on using smart tools to save time and money. To add value on a daily basis, the information that is integrated into these products must be accurate and timely.

Leveraging billions of anonymous data points, we help some of the world's biggest tech companies provide real-time traffic, parking conditions, road hazards and traffic alerts, giving consumers immediate access to information that makes driving (or riding) faster, safer and more efficient.

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From Microsoft, to Waze, to the most popular smart speakers -
there's a reason why the the biggest names in tech turn to INRIX.

  • Traffic

  • Traffic Tiles

  • Incidents

  • Road Weather

  • Fuel Stations

  • Drive Time Polygons

  • Off-Street Parking Data

  • On-Street Parking Data

  • Real Time Parking Availability


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