Get This Free Report To See Our Summer Travel Predictions

INRIX has joined with AAA to provide a projection into travel this summer. Download the free report to find out how COVID-19 might impact your travel plans.

INRIX and AAA analyzed all 50 states and the top 20 metropolitan areas to inform travelers of the chances they will run into traffic when they travel.

By analyzing VMT (vehicle miles traveled) using INRIX Trip Trends, we classified what traffic drivers might expect in the top US metropolitan areas and all 50 states.

It is important to note that travel this summer overall will most likely be lower than in recent years, as few states and metro areas are at “normal VMT” after adjusting for seasonality.

    What You’ll Learn:
  •    – What impact COVID-19 might have on summer travel
  •    – Which cities/metros might experience more/less traffic
  •    – Which states might experience more/less traffic